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Partagas connoisseur no 3

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  • Partagas connoisseur no 3

    Hi all

    A 2001 stick which I was eager to try as I love the partagas flavour. Stick was in great shape, a mellow partagas aroma and lit easily with a perfect draw. The first third was exceptional - a really smooth but strong partagas flavour, no harshness or roughness - very creamy. I sat there thinking wow, going to have to get more of these. Even burn, no draw issues.

    However, I got to the half way point and the flavours died off very quickly - not an unpleasant change but it became a very muted taste and aroma with none of the partagas tones to it. Bland is probably too strong a word - it just became a very mild smoke with little flavour. Unfortunately, it didn't recover and I finished it mid wY through the final third.

    Given how good the first half was I'd take a punt on another at some point - not sure if this is a characteristic of aged sticks?

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    I think/hope you were just unlucky. I've 2001 and 2006 PSdC 3s and 98 Charlottes and 'touch wood' they're all smoking exactly as they should.
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