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Regius Campana Limited Termeaus Edition 2014

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  • Regius Campana Limited Termeaus Edition 2014

    PIC INTENSIVE. I got trigger happy.
    Got a good looking box of these delivered last week.

    Took one to the park for some chill time. Has a lovely strong, thick wrapper, just a little bit oily.

    Cut the tip and tried it. Next time I think I wont cut so much off. The draw on this is ridiculous! Felt like I didn't even have it between my lips.
    I lit it absolutely perfect and it seemed to just want to burn down one side. So for the first half inch I had to touch it up a bit (wey hey) and after that it was a perfect burn for me all the way.
    The first inch was slightly spicy and fairly woody. I wasn't a fan. But after that it mellowed into a fairly sweet smoke. Not like chocolate or anything like that. Took me a while to get it...Custard! That was it! A sweet custard tart feeling. Very niiice.
    After the first third nothing much changed. There was less of the wood. No spice. But it got sweeter and sweeter.
    I read another review where there was chocolate and spice all the way with the creaminess. I didn't get that after the first third. Just a consistent sweet and creamy flavour. You can see where the burn went whacko at the start.

    All in all, I'm very happy. And would gladly have another. I wont cut it so much though. The only thing that let it down for me was the amount of smoke, which probably didn't help the burn.

    Rob's verdict? Mmm, a tasty 8.5/10
    Originally Posted by olivierp

    Does anybody smoke cigar coming Nicaragua?

    Originally Posted by PeeJay
    ...your post does read a little like the lead in to a plug....

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    Good review Rob
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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      Nice review mate. [emoji106]

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        Nice review young man!