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  • Oliva O Serie Perfecto

    I was gifted a lovely small cigar by a very good friend I enjoyed the cigar so much I thought I would share my enjoyment with you all. The cigar in question was a Oliva O Serie Perfecto 5.5 x 55 Nicuragian wrapper and filler. Here is my humble review of this truly enjoyable cigar, smoked during the Lions Test match accompanied with long drinks containing Cuban rum !!!! it took the pain away at the loss to the South Africans:

    'Based on a 100 point scale,70 possible points for taste, 20 possible points for burn, 5 possible points for appearance and 5 possible points for aroma.'

    Taste - It started with a medium flavor, a 5 year old sun grown wrapper and is described as full bodied, however I never felt it to be full!! On lighting it instantly made me feel at ease. A meduim sunny tasting smoke. The second third of the cigar expanded into a wonderful smooth complex smoke of leather, earthy flavours, the final third stayed consistantly smooth and complex. Overall, a great tobacco blend. The finish and final third was pleasant and long-lasting, the smoothness lasted a good smoke for a beginner no after taste either, a good blend of tobaccos. It went well with long tall cuban rum drinks. I would have liked perhaps a little more punch from the cigar, that said it did not hinder my enjoyment. 40/70.

    Burn - I made a single clip to start with, then double clipped, it made for a more pleasuarble draw. The burn was fantastic never needed retouching. The cigar was figurado, which I really liked having never smoked one before. I liked the small tip of the cigar easy to light at the beginning, the cigar then blossomed into the main and fat second third of the cigar. The figurado was rolled correctly not being over tight. Good draw resulting in plumes of lovely white volumous smoke from evey draw from the first light till the final third tapering back to a small tip, the draw was still excellent. 20/20

    Appearance - An excellent well presented cigar in figurado design, the outer leaf wrapper which was dark brown well aged. Good construction not rolled overly tight. The viola was well designed and came away well without tearing the wrapper. 5/5

    Aroma - A lovely aroma whilist smoking, without lingering into a stale smell after a couple of hours. 4/5

    Total - 69/100

    Although described as full bodied I never really got a sense of that power. An enjoyable stable meduim smoke that stayed constant from begining to end. Total smoke time around 60 mins approx. I enjoyed the cigar that much that I nubbed it to the point that I was burning my lips, I then cocktail sticked it to death. I would recommend this NC Figurado to all those smokers that enjoy a good meduim strength smoke. Initially I was unsure about the figurado shape but found that I really enjoyed the cigar and shape. I had only the one, however I would purchase more, I believe that they need time in the humidor, even though they are all ready a 5 year old cigar.

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    The Dawg.

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    Nice write up Paul, and sounds like a more than good enough smoke. Positiveto hear about the roll and draw on such a vitola.
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      Nice review Dog, I shall be looking out for this one, looks sexy.
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        Dog U got me wanting 1 of those them there


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          Great review Stogiedog

          Ive tried the Serie O Robusto and Torpedo and found them to be both really enjoyable smokes, will have to keep my eyes out for Perfecto as it sounds well worth a try...

          Cheers, HabanoSy


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            First class.

            First class review Stogiedog.Never even heard of this brand to be honest mate.
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              Quality review Dawg!!! I love your layout and scoring system. Nice one Big Lad!!


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                Thanks for the review. I had my first Serie O recently and found it to be quite good.


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                  Your the man!!!!

                  Might have to try myself now..
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                    Do they do this shape in the Series G?

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                      Oliva O Serie Perfecto

                      I'm going to answer my own question here. The Seies G Maduro I love so much has a Perfecto in the range but its a different (box pressed) shape.

                      I just think the one in your review has a really nice shape to it. The only other I've had like that is out of the Treasure Box from la Aurora Preferidos.

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                        If you're into shapes look out for a Foundry Cayley, you'll find it in the reviews.

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                          There is a Oliva G special G maduro which looks pretty.
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                            wow this thread is like a blast from the past, some good BOTL no longer posting


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                              Originally posted by peanutpete View Post
                              wow this thread is like a blast from the past, some good BOTL no longer posting
                              Nicwing and HSY still come around periodically.
                              Not too sure on Whiskey77. Deano said he'd poke him a bit when he could.

                              But I do miss Chris (CJ). Wonder where he's off to with his young'uns

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