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PDR 1878 Reserva Dominicana Capa Habano robusto

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  • PDR 1878 Reserva Dominicana Capa Habano robusto

    First time outing for this Dominican puro but some of you may recognise the colour scheme of the band as the company also makes Flores y Rodrigues whose Coneys were very popular during the summer.

    FullSizeRender 4.jpg

    The wrapper is a deep caramel colour with a soft almost suede like feel and finished with a pigtail cap and a shaggy foot.

    FullSizeRender 6.jpgFullSizeRender 5.jpg

    Construction of this stick is by the entubado method and the stick feels soft when you squeeze it. It smelled sweet and rich. I straight cut it and the draw was perfect, I was expecting a wind tunnel. Even when the foot had been burned off the draw stayed good. I'm guessing that's down to the rolling method.
    The cold draw tasted of salty hay with a chilli pepper sting on my lips.
    Once lit the burn stayed true all the way and the ash dropped every inch. It needed a few relights after the half way mark.

    FullSizeRender 3.jpg

    It took me that first half an inch to nail any flavours and initially it had a light woody flavour with a tannic edge to it and a hint of white pepper on the finish.
    After the first inch the flavour developed a spicy tone that I was never able to identify.
    An inch further in and the flavour changed to a definite leather taste still with that peppery finish.
    Into the middle third and almond notes began to develop and the pepper ramped up and became more noticeable.
    I tapped it off at the half way mark and was surprised to be rewarded with a mouthful of creamy caramel flavour and the pepper disappeared completely from here till the end. The caramel was short lived and the almond tones made their comeback and stayed till the end.
    This cigar certainly surprised me with its flavours but it is the company's premium range so I should have expected them to put more into it.

    FullSizeRender 2.jpg

    This smoke was accompanied by Vanilla Coke and Diana Krall on the sound system.
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'

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    Nice review PeeJay ,
    thanks for posting


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      Great review mate love the tissue paper in the background


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        Originally posted by Sean View Post
        Great review mate love the tissue paper in the background
        Well I had plenty in the kitchen 😜
        'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'