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  • cohiba maduro genios

    cohiba maduro genios
    length 140
    ring 52
    construction , beautiful dark smooth wrapper , no soft spots...beautiful
    age .....unknown , a single from Cuba
    method of cut.....punch
    method of light.....triple jet

    Away we go.....

    First third
    smooth earthy chocolate , cocoa flavours ,
    thro the nose warm dark ebony wood ( which continued thro out the cigar ) beautiful
    1" in , a touch up required

    Second third , same as the first , smooth.........pretty much one dimensional , not a bad thing as the flavours are enjoyable

    Final third
    the flavours and strength have ramped up a notch , a light spice added and the cocoa has really taken over , strong cocoa flavours , imagine putting a teaspoon of cocoa powder into your mouth , intense flavours and v dusty and dry

    band removed and nubbed

    all in all a v enjoyable cigar , a little more age would maybe ? have mellowed out the powder dryness at the end .

    couple of pics
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    Great write-up and photo.

    I tried one of these a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed but I suspect that it was too young.

    Really nice aroma on the pre-light draw with a distinct hay note though the draw was a little tight.

    It's probably the best looking cigar I've ever had. It had a dark, thick, rich and oily wrapper, well constructed and that yellow and gold band really set it off, they look good enough to eat!
    I found it a one-dimensional smoke too, there was no distinguishable change of flavour throughout, the draw remained pretty tight, the cigar didn't pour smoke.

    Going into the last third it turned sour and I had to concede defeat leaving it just above the band mark and that's why it disappointed me. I really wanted this cigar to wow me (for it's price) but it didn't. I do have another one sitting in my humidor, from a different source, and I'm hoping this one will turn my opinion.


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      Great review wolfie. Another for me to add to the list.


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        Bought a box of these recently, still haven't tried 'em though!

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