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Robert's mystery non Cuban

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  • Robert's mystery non Cuban

    When we visited 1a St James Street on Monday Robert sent us all on our way with a mysterious NC that he is thinking of introducing this year. I'll kick off with my opinion and everyone else that got one can follow on this thread.

    This stick measures 5.5" x48 with a smooth leathery look wrapper with clear veining but none of them raised. The wrapper had a slightly sweet tobacco scent and the fill felt quite soft. I tried to punch it but the cap wouldn't come away so I had to cut it instead. The draw was quite tight and tasted faintly of hay.

    I was surprised to get none of that familiar pepper from the ignition and the flavour reminded me of toast. After an inch a leathery flavour developed with just a hint of pepper on the finish and then the ash dropped down my shirt. The flavour changed then to a creamier slightly mineral taste which fortunately didn't last long before returning to the leather taste.

    The burn was straight throughout but this one kept going out despite being stored at 65%, I had noticed a small tunnel at the start.

    What really let this cigar down for me; and I'm sorry to sound ungrateful Robert, but it had an underlying taste of cigarette tobacco. So much so that I had to have a mint afterwards and I don't often do that. This is only one opinion so get smoking and typing guys.

    FullSizeRender 3.jpg
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    Great review P to the J. You can only be honest. As you only had one to sample and no idea of its provenance other than an NC, tough one to do!


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      Soft fill but tight draw.... How strange.

      Honesty is the best policy! Well done John.
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      I get longing looks from guys walking past

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        I'm a bit disappointed that no one else has smoked this and commented on it. Robert gave out at least a dozen for tasting with a view to introducing them. This isn't the way to encourage such generosity in the future.
        'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'