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Por Larranaga Sobresalientes

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  • Por Larranaga Sobresalientes

    Por Larranaga Sobresalientes
    Box code : AUM Sep 2014 EMS (Box 967/5000)
    Size : 6 inches, Ring gauge : 53
    Stored at 65 RH

    First impressions

    An impressive looking box of 10 cigars,. Lovely Colorado wrappers with the distinctive gold Por Larranaga band and the exclusivo band. The cigar feels firm but substantial in the hand, with a little springiness. Smooth wrappers with no discernible veins and a well defined and generous capo..

    The aroma is one of hay. A slightly sweet note. I cut the cigar using a Palio cutter. The pre-light draw gives more hay. The draw is fairly tight but manageable.

    I light the cigar with a Xikar jet flame lighter. The cigar maintains a fairly tight draw, and gives a fair amount of smoke, but not copious amounts..The first impressions are favourable. A very smooth start, with some earthiness and a very slight sweet note. No hint of spice at this point.

    First third

    This is an extremely well-constructed cigar. The ash is dense and holds well, and has a lovely pure white colour..

    Although the cigar is young, it has a lot of rich flavour. The hay and earthiness give way to a chocolate like taste, and the sweetness is maintained. This is not a strong cigar by any means, but has a rich flavour.

    Second third

    More of the same. The second third allies the flavours to intensify. The cigar has a complex flavour profile with a lot going on. Some chocolate, the hay becomes almost floral or flower like - and the cigar has a wonderful aroma in the room, quite dense but pleasing on the nose. Only when I got past the middle did I start to pick up a slight white pepper like spiciness, that continued

    Lovely ash....

    Final third and thoughts

    The cigar never becomes overpowering. I was surprised it remained as mild as it did. It has a lot going on, and I feel the balance of the cigar is far from being anywhere near its best. The fact that the flavours are already quite pronounced would indicate to me that this is a cigar that is going to benefit from some ageing. I almost feel guilty for having smoked it! In my opinion, although smoking perfectly well, this is a cigar that will have a lot more to offer in coming years..Will it be a classic like the Magnifico? Time will tell, but it certainly has much potential...These need to go away for a while. I won't be touching another one for at least a year.If you have any, I urge you to hold off for as long as you can resist. Your patience will be rewarded....

    Overall smoking time - 85 minutes

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    Nice review Nick, that's one big beautiful cigar!
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      Nice review!
      Glad I didn't have mine at Chrimbo now. Will save it for next year


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        Very good review have been holding off buying any of these not sure they are box worthy at UK prices but I think a couple should find they way to the humi


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          great review mate. That's a huuuuge looking smoke


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            A gorgeous looking cigar and the visual, coupled with your review...I was almost smoking it myself Nice
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              Good lad mine an get pushed to the back of the humi
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                Great pictures that adds to the adventure!

                Cheers for the review Nick! Ageing recommendation is duly noted!
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                  Thanks for the kind words chaps. Like I've said before, I enjoy doing the reviews. Next one will be the Partagas Seleccion Privada...

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                    great review...look wonderful possibly my next purchase