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Cigar Review - H.Upmann Coronas Junior

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  • Cigar Review - H.Upmann Coronas Junior

    So here we go, my first cigar review. Possibly the longest thing I have written since I left college!
    I am very new to cigar smoking, so this may be a bit random but here goes.

    I bought this stick 3 weeks ago from my local, The Black Swan Tobacconist in Scarborough. It was a little dry when I got it, but 3 weeks with the tube lid loosened in my Jarador seemed to have sorted this cigar out.

    The cigar smelt great in the tube. Lots of sweet hay and vanilla scents, and a good hit of cedar. The wrapper was smooth and a lovely caramel tone.
    Disappointingly it didn't cut well with my V-cutter, the cap seemed brittle and flakey which I out down to it not having been stored very well before I bought it, but I cleaned it up with my guillotine and persevered.

    The pre-light taste was mild, but clearly of dried green hay and dried fruit, cedar and perhaps a hint of alcohol? It seemed a bit dry again, but not overly so.

    The stick lit quickly and cleanly and began to smoke in a very crisp line. The ash was a little odd, dark grey and yellow-ey rather than a cleaner white or pale grey. There wasn't bucketfuls of smoke, and the draw was quite tight but this loosened up as it progressed.

    The first third varied on with the dried fruit and an earthy vanilla taste, with the smoke having a thick and creamy feel to it. Very mild but enjoyable. I smoked this while walking our labradoodle and had to break off to pick up poop a couple of times which certainly marred the 1st third!

    The hay and raisin taste continued through the mid point, but gave way to an earthier taste, almost oatey or nutty. This was follows by a lovely "chocolate digestive" flavour on the exhale, and an almost marzipan nuttiness. The creaminess was becoming more spiced with a more substantial mouth feel, but continued with sweetness throughout. It was giving a better amount of smoke now and it's scent was delicious, but it's clean burn had become a bit wragged and it needed touching up once.

    The last 1/3 became considerably more spicey. Spicey in this context is for me imore of a mouth feel than taste. This was particularly evident on the retro hale. Some bitterness was creeping in, but not too much. Again I put this down to some dryness, and wasn't helped by having to relight once.

    I dropped the nub into a puddle of muddy water with a satisfying "hiss" when I had had enough. The stick had developed an almost minty mouth feels I had had my fill.

    TL;DR -
    Lit well
    Burned a bit wragged at times
    Re light
    A bit tight, a few very good spots
    Not a huge amount of smoke
    Very pleasant smoke, great for my sweet tooth. Nutty, oats, hay, dried fruit, chocolate biscuit. Vanilla.

    let me know what you think of the review - be gentle, I'm sensitive!
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    Well done Dan excellent review


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      Cheers [MENTION=13409572]oskihen[/MENTION]! Really liked this, once I get a proper humi up and running would like to keep some in stock. Also think they would be nice with some age on them.

      my next one to try will be the HU Magnum. Not sure whether to try the 46 or 50....


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        I'd advise you to try different brands and vitolas and see the differences


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          There are so many I want to try, but cash and time are both short on the ground at the minute! Very keen to get stuck into some Bolivar, Partigas, RA and HDM, and also some Rocky Ps and some Aging room.

          Might need a bank loan....


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            Very well written and thorough review mate, well done.

            Upmann Corona Junior was my second ever CC and I have never had a bad Upmann of any Vitola.

            Loved visiting Scarbs as a kid, I'm from Middlesbrough so there and Whitby were regular visits. Our lass and bairn are southerners so have never been to places like that, looking forward to taking them at some point.
            Didn't know there was a smoke shop there so gives me more of an excuse to go. Interesting that you think they aren't stored properly though, do they not specialise in cigars? What's the stock like?

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              The stocks ok, not a huge range. The staff are very helpful and friendly.
              its a bit overpriced by 10-15%, and over half the sticks I've had have had an issue. Dry, split, bashed.

              they have a website, take a look -

              im from Bridlington actually, the ball and chain is from Scarbs. Love the east Coast and was in Whitby last week for fish and chips!


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                Great review. I'm a very new BOTL and it was definitely on a level I was able to understand.

                Hope you do some more soon!!


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                  Very nice review, thanks!

                  ?Use any means to keep from being a genius, all means to become one.? John Cage


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                    Good review Dan and nice to see the photo the right way up!
                    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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                      Good effort matey. Top marks.
                      Nice to see another h upmann fan in the making.


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                        Great review Dan, thanks for taking the time to get you thoughts and observations down. You write like an old pro' at this

                        Keep 'em coming ay
                        "Go you good things...geddem int'ya"


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                          Nice review!


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                            Cheers guys


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                              That is a great review Dan. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
                              We stay with friends in their caravan on Primrose Valley a couple of times a year, and usually have a day
                              in Bridlington on the drink, so will give you a shout for a pint and a smoke next time we are there.