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Cigar Review - Jose L Piedra Petit Cetros

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  • Cigar Review - Jose L Piedra Petit Cetros

    Jose L Piedra Petit Cetros

    Bit rough and ready, but attractive for it. Some veins in the tea coloured wrapper. Good shine. Smelt very sugary sweet. Slight spice. Cedar. Vanilla. Cuban-y

    Cut ok. Bit dry, put this down to being kept at very low RH in the shop. Pre burn draw very sweet, caramel, choc, hay. Delicious.

    Lit perfectly. Sparse smoke initially. Quite bitter. For 5 mins or so. Quite a non descript taste first third. Some hay, sweetness. Pleasant once bitterness went.

    2nd Cocoa, coffee. Nuttiness. Again quite general flavours., but very nice. Random hit of apple mid way. Burning very cleanly. Strong pillar of compact ash - surprising for mixed fillers (I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't long filler.)

    As approached last third definately became more "Cuban" - spicey, pepper, still cocoa and hay but less sweet, more full flavours. Slight sourness at points with a salty mouth feel.

    An easy smoke, lasted 50 mins. Perfect draw throughout, caramel after taste.

    definitely buying again. It smoked a little hot, which I think produced the bitterness and killed some of the early flavours - I put this done to the poor storage in the B&M and it's thin gauge.

    With a little age this could certainly be a contender for the spot of regular smoke.

    Its not amazing, but it is very good.
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    good review ... My favorite size of jlp.

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      Great review, thanks.

      Im a big fan of jlp's but i havent tried the petit cetros yet.
      I think when it comes to value for money the jlp's are pretty hard to beat.


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        I like any JLP. In my opinion best budget cigar.
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