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Bolivar Corona Gigantes

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  • Bolivar Corona Gigantes

    Length 7"
    Gauge 47
    Build Absolutely perfect, not a fault or a criticism. Nothing else to add here, top rate.

    Taste This was a hell of a smoke. Earth and a sort of light leather starting out with a not quite grassy, almost pinewood note on the retrohale for the first inch or so. That faded out and the first third settled into a predominantly leathery taste. Second third a not of oak slipped in and out playfully just underneath this. Final third a little pepper drifted in as the smoke got hotter. Smoked it down to the nub, no burn issues at all. Lasted a good 90 minutes.

    This was a spectacular smoke and a wonderful pass. Sorry I was enjoying myself too much to remember to take any photos. I'm turning into a big Bolivar fan and this was certainly no disappointment. Like many of us I've been mostly smoking shorter cigars over the winter, for weather and cost reasons, so sitting down with a larger stick was a lovely change. The larger size allowed not only more time for the flavours to evolve but the cooler smoke made retrohaling and really exploring the flavours easier. Surprisingly light on the nicotine for a cigar of this size, unusual for a Boli.

    Really enjoyed this, might have a look at a box when I'm in Cuba (after one or two more to test, obviously ;-))

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    Where are you going specifically and with whom (tour operator) ?
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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      Thanks for the review Ed. I have a few sat in the humi.
      I am looking forward to trying one.


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        Originally posted by PeeJay View Post
        Where are you going specifically and with whom (tour operator) ?
        We're booked through the Holiday Place, we've 4 nights in Havana and 10 in Varadero. Need to get a box of something epic, this is our honeymoon and I'm planning to have an anniversary smoke.


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          Good stuff mate