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Regius Robusto Review

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  • Regius Robusto Review

    I'm not the biggest fan of non Cuban cigars but this year I have seen a number of UK suppliers pushing the Regius range quite a lot, so I thought i'd try one. A couple of months ago I purchased a Regius Robusto which has been sitting in my humi since then. This afternoon having spent the morning toiling in the garden I decided to give it a go, I paired it with a black Americano style coffee, which suited it quite well.

    Construction and appearance.
    The cigar has a medium brown wrapper with an almost reddish hue, firmly packed and has a light smell cedar and leather with a hint of hay . I decided to use a straight cut, but on reflection I think a V cut might have been better. With the pre light draw I can taste the cedar, leather and hay I detected on the nose.

    First third.
    After fighting the first couple of draws were acrid and the smoke quite harsh, but I persisted and this quickly disappeared and settled to a smooth toasty flavour with coffee and dark chocolate undertones.

    The draw is light and the cigar produces a nice amount of smoke.

    Second third

    The flavours of the first third persisted and developed becoming slightly sweeter with notes of leather and hay, I even detected a floral undertones developing.

    Final third

    The cigar developed an uneven burn in the last third but the smooth toasty and coffee flavour persisted as well as developing a not unpleasant peppery note which got stronger the more I smoked. Unfortunately the burn became more uneven causing the smoke to become hot so I gave up on it before I ideally wanted to.


    In conclusion, overall I was pleasantly surprised by the Regius Robusto despite the burn problems. It is a medium bodied cigar with a not unpleasant flavour and I will probably buy a couple more to try. They are quite aggressively priced and could make good, cheaper alternative to the Cubans I normally smoke.

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    Interesting review, I've seen these a few times and wondered if they were worth a punt, sounds like they probably are!


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      Great review , a lot of interesting thoughts


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        Nice review, thanks!

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          I've probably had ten Regius Robustos and I like them. Nothing spectacular but well made and consistent and the the money it's great value


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            Never partaken however will try off back of your review.thanks

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              Nice review.


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                Thanks for the review!

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                  Ver nice review, thanks for sharing.


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                    Nice review. Never heard of them but will give them a try


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                      was thinking they were priced quite keenly... definitely worth a punt off the back of this review.... thank you!
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