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Partagas Maduro No 1

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  • Partagas Maduro No 1

    First of all let me start by establishing that I am still looking for a Partagas I like and I had great hopes for the Maduro No 1. The stick is larger than a robusto and the wrapper is very rustic with pronounced veins. It was well packed and had just the right amount of bounce when squeezed. I punched this one so I could taste the cold draw. The draw was very light and easy and had a mild earthy taste. Initial impressions on lighting were of a slight sweetness with a hint of white pepper on the finish

    FullSizeRender 27.jpg

    I picked this one at random from a box so the issues I then experienced could be due to a Friday afternoon roll. A side burn quite quickly developed which I tried to ignore

    FullSizeRender 28.jpgFullSizeRender 29.jpg

    The flavour was very light almost to HdM standards but always with that underlying pepper and a tannic edge. It went out after an inch which gave me a good chance to show that side burn.

    FullSizeRender 30.jpg

    When I relit it I noticed this interesting little green patch which I shall wait for an expert to identify for me

    FullSizeRender 32.jpg

    After the first third I began to get some chocolate and caramel notes but nothing definite enough to call flavour. Around the half way mark I also started to notice a nicotine buzz developing.

    Before lighting I had noticed one of the seams of the wrapper was lifting and by now it was starting to unpeel.

    FullSizeRender 31.jpg

    So what do I think? I started off liking it's promise but ended up disappointed with it's lack of development. Bear in mind that this is a new cigar and its profile could change completely in the years to come but for now I still prefer a non Cuban maduro.
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    That's a real shame but one Partagas that I can recommend which I tried recently and really enjoyed is the Seleccion Privada LE 2014.

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    Livin' the pipe dream.


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      Shame but it seems like it could have been the individual cigar rather than the whole line and the boxes I have seen have all been from May 2015 so they really are young 'uns


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        Nice fair review PeeJay, it seems you had the same experience as Karl Pearson on YouTube did with his Party Maduro No. 1, i.e. a lot of promise but not much flavour, and featuring a strange burn, shame about that really Maybe some age will do the trick with these sticks; thanks for the review though!

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          As a long shot, perhaps the blue/green tinge there is the result of a copper derived fungicide being used???

          Shame about the burn
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            How does it compare with the Cohiba Maduro [MENTION=13402615]PeeJay[/MENTION]?
            I found those to be quite sharp & overly peppery.


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              Originally posted by wayne_w View Post
              How does it compare with the Cohiba Maduro @PeeJay?
              I found those to be quite sharp & overly peppery.
              Funny you should say that because the 7 year old one I had was so good it prompted me to buy a box..... which was sharp and peppery! Needless to say they've been put to bed. I think the Cubans should leave madras to the rest of the world in all honesty. Its like they're playing catch up when they don't need to.
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                Great review PJ. I think I will still pick some of these up but leave them alone for a good length of time.


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                  Good review. I live maduros and was disappointed by the Cohibas though they may have been young. I think you're right, others do them better but like Johnny Thunder I'll still have to get myself some of these.


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                    Thanks for sharing your experience PeeJay. Have been intrigued how these would go - I sincerely hope that you just had a very bad example which isn't reflective of the rest (I had it with the RyJ Duke - had two, both awful, but didn't seem representative).

                    I like the Cohiba Maduro line, so will give these a go, but won't get my hopes up too high. Think you could be right, perhaps best left to the 'new world'.

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                      Thanks for sharing with us...I have been contemplating a box myself.