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    not sure price is an even differentiatorin my mind. A decent robusto and petit robusto sized smoke comes in at c?10. the Mitchell Orchant Chubby is a good example. If its a dud (which I am pleased to say they have not been!), I resent the ?10 it cost me, as much as I resent the ?15-25 a similarly sized cohiba cost me. Arguably I resent the dud CC a touch more. But I resent the bulk of the cost, not think if only I had spent ?5 more/ less.

    Not sitting on the fence, but as I buy smokes as personal 'treats' I am less price sensitive.
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      Are Trini's worth the extra cost? Yep 100%, better value than Cohiba's which usually need even longer aging; just not for every day.
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        Originally posted by Simon Bolivar View Post
        Are Trini's worth the extra cost? Yep 100%, better value than Cohiba's which usually need even longer aging; just not for every day.
        Very true. I like both Trinidad and Cohiba, and I actually manage to smoke more then a few of them... But then again I usually only smoke a cigar every other day.

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          Originally posted by Niela View Post
          2 reviews go up at the same time.

          CC review: Replies: 8 Views: 39

          NC review: Replies: 0
          Views: 13

          This forum is rigged...

          But I do have to try a Trinidad some time... They just seem so expensive when I'm browsing and I love all those small CC brands that are much cheaper usually of the same quality. So I can't help but wonder if some CC brands are simply a marketing tool. An expensive alternative to make others look cheaper and to collect the money of those of us that feel better when they buy something more expensive.

          Would you say the Trinidad are worth the extra money
          Yes with a few years on them they are fantastic


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            Originally posted by Emaresee View Post
            Buy smart whenever possible.I tend to buy all things on a basis of trying singles, finding go to sticks, and then buy a box. That box might be picked up overseas or online, but rarely will be walk up retail in the UK. The singles, generally will involve going to a store and talking and benefitting from the service that the store might offer - in that sense what ever the stick, the premium price feels justified.
            Great post and exactly the approach I am trying to take to discover what I like and what's worth buying in bulk.

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