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H.Upmann Junior Corona

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  • H.Upmann Junior Corona

    So the sun was shining which meant a glass of brandy and a H.Upmann Junior Corona, I should firstly point out I have had this cigar before but it has been years as I have been off exploring the world of NC.

    Sadly the first cigar I took out from my pack of 3 was plugged, it happens and we move on, the second cut and lit perfectly so now on to the good stuff the cigar itself. You know I sometimes forget why I ever gave a break to CC because once this cigar was lit it was beautiful when you compare it to my last few NC it simply doesn't this was head and shoulder in another world.
    Photo 29-05-2016, 13 10 05.jpg

    I was met with that wonderful creamy smoke as I made way through the first third with that nutty leathery coffee hit coming in after, such a wonderful combination that makes it such a 3 dimensional cigar, as I progressed slowly savouring the flavour and sipped my brandy the flavour profile developed a bit more as the nuttiness became more pronounced on the finish and the aroma was sweet smelling but a sweet tobacco aroma.
    Photo 29-05-2016, 13 26 20.jpgPhoto 29-05-2016, 13 30 58.jpg

    As I progressed into the second third the nutty flavour developed a bit of kick an ever so slight peppery profile while the creamy flavour remained and the leather notes became more pronounced, as I approached the 50 minute mark the pepper increased in strength but never over powering and the smooth creamy flavour complemented it nicely.

    It will surprise no one that this was a lovely smoke, and a great reminder to me of the real relaxation an pleasure a decent CC brings, and truly I think for the foreseeable future my Cigars will probably be CC, the flavour profile was not overwhelming but just a real treat as the majority of the NC I have smoked recently have been rather one or two dimensional.

    This was such a treat, that I now have very high hopes for my Trinidad Reyes which by all accounts should be as spectacular if not more (I will review when I get to them). This has also made remember why the Upmann's were a favourite brand of mine and perhaps I might try the Half Corona at next opportunity.

    But just a great smoke a great cigar and a great way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon.
    I never smoke to excess - that is, I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.- Mark Twain

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    Nice review of an often overlooked staple Havana. Sure you'll enjoy the Reyes too.
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      Nice review!

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        What a great review. Sounds like a smoke I will have to experience.


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          I've found these to be good golf/fishing cigars and tend to have a few tubos in various bags for this reason.

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            They are certainly a great value smoke. Sadly my local Asda stopped stocking them a while back. Good review!


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              there's Cuban Cigars and there's everything else.


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                Welcome back to the Cuban side of cigars Rev Rob, enjoy! 😉


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                  Nice review rob...cheers for taking the time out....this is one on my try list. So good to have a insight into it.

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                    Got one of these to smoke tonight good review


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                      Good review, I'm sure the Reyes will be equally enjoyable.

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