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Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto

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  • Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto

    So it was a friend of mines birthday so we met up today in the wonderful sunshine for some lunch and beer and I decided a Birthday was an excuse for another cuban cigar, this time the Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto.

    The Cigar cut and lit just fine for me my friend Pete managed to get a bit of an uneven burn, but lets get to it:
    Photo 03-06-2016, 13 19 19.jpg

    So on the pre light the Cigar has a very tobacco sweetness maybe a slight fresh cut grass smell really wets the appetite, as I lit up that tobacco sweetness was very much present again with a slight grassy like aroma making a very nice cigar for a sunny afternoon, as it progressed through the first third hints of leather began to present itself along with the above mentioned sweetness so far so good.

    Photo 03-06-2016, 13 25 26.jpgPhoto 03-06-2016, 13 25 29.jpg

    As it progressed the leather hint became stronger and developed a slight pepper kick to it making a wonderful little stick with a sweet spicy kick and this spicy kick only became stronger as I came towards the end of the cigar a beautiful 55 minute cigar and a nice way to indulge of an afternoon, certainly a must try cuban for those who've not had it.
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    Nice review! I had one of these at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it too.


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      Really good review...cheers @revrob sound like a cigar right up my street..

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        Oh, if I only enjoyed HdMs! Anyway, nice review.

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          Another great review, and a smoke that is now added to the list to try.


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            yes I just bought one of these yesterday plus the one i have in the humidor but the wrapper is coming away from that one, I need to get some cigar glue. good review sounds like its going to be great might have it today


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              Nice review! Lovely little smoke, good when they're young as well and a reasonable price [emoji1360]


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                I love HdM, my favourite light CC brand. Thanks for the review.