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  • DAG - El Jabali

    Hey Guys,

    I felt like doing a review once again, after a bit of a hiatus.

    The DAG I am talking about is a cigar I only had once before and really liked it. So I bought this rather large format a bit over a year ago and had it in my humidor until I have enough time to smoke and review it. And this being the warmets day of the year so far, the time has finally arrived.

    A bit about the cigar first. This is a Domenican puro, made by Tabacalera Altagracia. The tobacco is fermented multiple times (up to five times) and only Ligero and Viso leaves are used for this blend. Ring gauge is 52 and the length is 190 mm.
    DAG Before.jpg
    DAG Cap.jpg
    It has a beautiful cap and the wrapper is a natural maduro, which is not that dark, but produces a wonderfully dark brown colour. Some veins are visible, but generally it has a nice oily sheen to it.

    The cigar is tightly filled and hardly gives in to preassure.

    Lighting the cigar already gives some great smell and make you eager to get to the first draw. After I cut the cap, the first draw is mild, but full of flavour. Draw is light but with a bit of resistance, perfect for my taste. Lots of smoke from the beginning and throughout.

    From the very beginning, this cigar is very very complex. It started with a strong leather and wood note. Reminded me a lot of a Juan Lopez, but more complex. My first thought was, "this is a NC that could definitely pass as a CC". After the first inch I sweet tobacco notes are added to the mix, without taking form the original wood/leather flavour. I also detect hints of coffee notes and what feels like a million other notes that I can't find words for.

    I feel like I want to draw draw draw, just to grasp the abundance of flavours I get from this stick. Absolutely lovely. No pepper notes either, no harshness. Just smooth, cool and full bodied smoke.

    Dag Ash.jpg

    The ash also reminds me of a cuban, but falls off after the first inch.

    Just when I thought I got this cigar, the flavour comes into full swing. (I didn't imagine it could possibly get more intense) At this point it doesn't change flavour as much as it adds even more flavours to the mix. Every draw is now a mix of cream and coffee. I can't help but think that I am smoking a cappouchino flavoured cigar. (no flavours added though) If you like milk coffee, this is it.

    At the halfway mark and towards the end of the second third, the flavours drop of a bit. The cappouchino goes away and wood notes get stronger again, with a bit of a spicy note to it.

    DAG Last Third.jpg

    I got a bit worried at this point. I enjoyed the first half so much, but the drop in flavour left me a bit longing for the beginning of the cigar. It turns out, it was just about an inch in the middle of the cigar, before creamy notes make a comeback. This time though, they don't have coffee to accompany them, but rather a mix of cream, leather and wood.

    Now the cigar picks up a lot of power and the taste changes almost with every draw. I realize now some of the notes that were there from the beginning but kept int he background. Intense nut flavours. Maybe almond?

    I would have loved to nub this one, but with 2 inches left, the smoke becomes a bit bitter and very hot, which gives me the sign that it's time to put this one down after 100min.

    All in all, this is one of the nicest NCs I've ever had. A very large cigar that retails for ?10 in Germany but smokes much better than the price would make you think.

    I will get a box of these for sure and try out a few smaller formats as well. If you never had these, get a single or two and try them. If you are not convinced of NCs providing interesting development in flavours and not matchin CC, this is the one that could sway you. The closest I ever got to CC flavours so far.

    Hope you enjoyed this review. If you had one of those, let me know what you though.

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    Superb review Niela. I will definitely look out for one of these.


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      Great review, thanks for taking the time.
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        PS: I just did a bit of research, looking for boxes of this cigar.

        The tobacco used is some old varieties that were famous for their quality before WW1. ?Olor Dominacano?, ?Criollo Cubano? and ?Piloto cubano pequeno?.

        The heritage varieties only grow knee high and are not very resistant to pests so they need extra care when growing.

        The creator of the cigar is from Austria and it seems to me these are mostly available in Germany and Austria.

        They come in beautiful boxes of 10. If you have PMs activated and you are interested in a split, let me know and I bring some more from my next trip to Germany.


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          Very nice review, mate, thanks!

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            I just found out that the DAG line will be discontinued. Which is very very sad. However, they can be bought fairly cheaply now and I went to get 5 boxes... So if you are interested, waste no time. Most boxes you can still get are from 2012 and in perfect smoking condition. Get them while you still can.

            PS: If you don't know where to get them, PM me.


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              Nice review niela good 2 hours of enjoyment there.