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August COTM

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  • August COTM

    Haven't reviewed a cigar in some time and hand some time on my hands so i thought I'd try my August COTM on this lovely day.

    Such a beautiful day...clear skies with a slight breeze with 28c heat.

    Firstly the construction of the cigar seemed really good... a slight sponge feeling and a crispy sound when pressed it didn't feel too over filled ...just right IMO finished with a triple cap.

    When lighting it I tried a new technique adapted from how @PeeJay and @Krist light up.

    As it was a 50RG used my gradually put the flame to foot until it turned to a lovely reddish colour with a slight blow, then punched it with my Adorind 7mm (I think its 7mm)

    The first draw seemed slightly lose...but not too far off from perfect for me.

    So far it seemed like a medium bodied smoke with lots of woody flavours with a hints of almond nuts.

    I took my time with this cigar enjoying the weather and my Guinness.

    Into the second third and I'm getting some spice...just a hint...which just lingers on the tongue...however the woody flavours remain.

    Looking at the ash it's a greyish colored with hints of white in the flakes.

    There was a slight uneven burn...but that tends to happen when I use a punch...not sure if I'm using it properly or if that generally happens

    I feel like I've smoked this before and going guess it's a RyJ short Churchill.. whatever it's lovely so far.

    Just into the final third and there is still a hint of spice but it's just a bit, getting more of sweet...not sure on the flavour though.

    Overall a there is plenty of smoke nice a cool until the last inch and half where it's getting a bit hot but still enjoyable.

    Was a lovely 45 minz smoke...nubbed it down till I couldn't hold it.

    @Krist it's a lovely cigar...cheers for sorting this months (late) COTM...need to get home and see what the band was

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    Cracking review, interesting to see if it is a short churchill now, might have to try that one.


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      Great review Sham.


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        What he said lol

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