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  • Montecristo Puritos

    I'm sure this has been reviewed a few times. It's a popular entry level cigar.

    Price Paid:
    Around ?7 for 5 (last year)
    Number Smoked: 5
    Length: 4 1/4"
    Ring Gauge: 26

    First Third: Opens with a woody farmhouse hay taste. Quite nice, but a bit weak.

    Second Third: More of the woody taste, I noticed a sweet taste emerge, maybe cinnamon. Started to get a bit more earthy. Maybe a bit of leather as well.

    Last Third: Similar to the second third with some white pepper and nutty woods in the mix.

    Construction: Pretty good for machine rolled, certainly far higher than many cigarillo Dutch cigar and smaller Cuban minis. I found myself having to tap the ash off after a while to avoid it falling on my trousers. I didn't get any peeling. The cigars did require the odd touch up, but were generally good.

    Smoke Time: Around 10-20 minutes each

    Overall: 6/10 A good everyday lunchtime break cigar. Far better flavours than most cigars of its size, but it will have you craving something a bit more satisfying.

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    For the benefit of Mr. Kite.

    Greetings Chico! And welcome to the UKCF.

    Always good to see a new member on the boards...especially one who likes to post reviews! Always appreciated around these parts.

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea to head on over the the Newbie Greets forum and introduce yourself to the lads.

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