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  • Don Antonio Robusto Maduro

    It's been a while, weather has been terrible and I always prefer a Cigar in good company than solitary speaking, also for those that asked when I picked the user name Rev Rob, I actually may now be getting ordained, (not within a mainstream denom) but anyway enough of that, this is a review. As many of you know from my previous reviews I adore sweeter Cigars. So I've naturally moved into the world of Maduro Cigars as these tend (not always) to have a sweeter profile. So having recently bought a New World Maduro Sampler from Cigars, I also remembered that in my Humi where these Robusto Maduros from Don Antonio very well priced on Cgars ltd ones I brought out on a recent night out.

    So I decided to appreciate this Cigar again only with a sober head, So lets begin there is a dark roast smell to the Cigar pre light with cocoa dust like properties which give a pleasant sweet aroma to the proceedings. Construction is very good and it looks great, it cuts well enough although I normally go for a V cut on my cigars I went with a Guillotine cut today, I always get more flavour from a V cut but thats personal preference. Anyway it lit like a dream plumes of beautiful smoke and a lovely white grey ash. So the real test the taste.

    It starts off giving that Dark Roast coffee like taste but transitioning almost immediately on the exhale with that chocolate tone the cigar has an almost mild Mocha like profile, this becomes more pronounced on the retro-hale, all the while that strong dark roast flavour present, as this goes on the Cigar adds one more flavour to the profile a little bit of pepper, not a lot but enough to notice (which given the price these are 32 quid on cigars for a pack of 3) As Dominican cigars go (which I have found tend to hold back on the sweet side) I was pleasantly surprised, the flavours persisted throughout with the pepper becoming more pronounced as it came to the final third, as did the Dark Roast the chocolate overtones while remaining did diminish.

    All in all at its price a little bit of a gem, and for those looking for a Dominican Cigar with some sweetness it does OK, however I have tended to find Nicaraguan Maduro probably better in delivering bigger and bolder sweet notes, and when I next review I'll be using one of the cigars from the sampler a good chunk of which are from Nicaragua.

    But Don Antonio has done well here, an affordable end of a hard day smoke without a doubt, worth a punt I think.

    I never smoke to excess - that is, I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.- Mark Twain

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    Good review and interesting that you find the Nicaraguans sweeter, I always find it the other way around with the Nics being spicier.
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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