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    So its a nice evening here in Plymouth and after the disappointment of the Cohiba Short's It was time to break this one out of the Humi. So a very veiny looking cigar not that really bothers me but certainly noticeable. Smell of coco powder on the pre light a real hit of almost dry coco puff like taste mixed with a hint of hay. Anyone who has read my reviews will know I look for sweet in cigars although not exclusively but it tends to be a flavour I look for.

    So onto the light, it lights fine lovely white smoke, the burn is a bit uneven but that was more my fault, so onto the smoking, compared with those Cohiba Shorts which harshness is still in my mind this was lovely a mellow sweetness with that hay/grass flavour a surprise given its Nicaraguan and not what I associate with Cigars from round these parts.

    As it progresses that Hay/Grass fades to be replaced with what is a clear spicy leather, really nice all the while the chocolate tones have become darker in flavour not bitter but not as sweet, as the cigar progresses these flavors become the dominant ones with the spice really increasing but never over powering and that Dark Chocolate the first flavor tobe present making this cigar a sweet and spicy stick, eventually that spicy leather gets a bit more peppery and the sweetness remains throughout this good 50-60 minute cigar. I enjoyed mine with a Bushmills Blackbush.

    This Cigar impressed, Quorum is well known and I was very happy with this cigar not overpowering but a flavorful experience not overly complex I hasten to point out but a good late afternoon early evening Cigar, relaxation at its height and banishing the taste of those Cohiba shorts this is what a Cigar experience should be.IMG_20190511_180541.jpg IMG_20190511_180601.jpgIMG_20190511_180522.jpg
    I never smoke to excess - that is, I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.- Mark Twain

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