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Dominico Maduro Churchill Review - NC 7x48

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  • Dominico Maduro Churchill Review - NC 7x48

    Hey Guys

    Well here we are with my first attempt at a cigar review and so, I'll keep it as simple and straight forward with good detail as best I can

    Construction - 5 out of 5

    This cigar has got a good solid construction with a clean cut appearance with a smooth medium draw, which is pretty good because it's a more fuller flavoured cigar and it allows the smoker to get a good taste of the various flavours without them being overpowering in any way.

    Aroma - 5 out of 5

    The aroma of this cigar has a somewhat relaxing scent, there is the same woody aroma as well as the pepperiness, but also there is a slightly sweeter scent in there, but very slight and it adds a little character to the aroma.

    Burn - 15 out of 20

    The cigar does burn a little unevenly, but this doesn't bother me since it doesn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the cigar's taste and flavours and als, the ash from this cigar was just over 1" long before dropping into the ashtry each time, to which is pretty good since I've had other cigars where the ash doesn't even get 1/2 of that before sinking into the ashtray or my lap, like a brick in a swimming pool.

    Taste - 65 out of 70

    There is a smooth and slightly creamy "Woody" taste, as well as a slight peppery taste, but there is also a slightly coll taste in the cigar as well, which is a refreshing change from the maduros that I have tried before as they have generally had a sweeter taste to them, to which I also enjoy.

    With the flavours of this cigar, a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino goes well with this cigar as it not only enhances the enjoyment of the cigar, but also helps to balance out the flavours as well.

    Overall - 90 out of 100

    This is definitely a cigar worth giving a try, whether you're a maduro fan or if you would like to try something a little different and I can definitely say that I'll be looking to get a bundle of these in the near future

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    Great Review Willie
    If you got em, Smoke em!


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      Thanks Monte, I really appreciate it alot buddy

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        I've updated my review to try and keep all reviews to a similar format with most others, so that each review is in a similar format, and also I'm currently enjoying another one of these fine cigars and so, it's good to be able to update the review/rating based on smoking more than just 1 of them in order to review and rate the overall quality of a particular brand and blend

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          Any pics mate, can't think what they look like....?

          Do like a pic with a review...
          Love Life - Love Cigars


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            Pic added (I'll add a better pic once I get moved back home and get the webcam out from storage)