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    afternoon all,
    as a few of you know already, i picked up a couple of small boxes of cigars this week, the cohiba maduro secretos (10 box, use ene 08) and trinidad reyes (12 box, mso sep 09)! due to the cold weather and already having a decent amount of my favoured robustos, i opted for what ken from friends of habanos would describe as 'kiddy cigars' lol!

    my usual practice when i get a box is to inspect them and single out the ugly duckling, the aesthetically less pleasing of the bunch (veiny, split foot, green spotted etc etc) and consume it first!!! i've done this already with both boxes, and this morning, i opted for the trini reyes, a favourite of mine!!!!

    on appearance, this particular cigar had very little wrong with it, apart from a couple of green spots! construction was typical of the trinidad, perfect, well rolled with a lovely pigtailed cap! the aroma was very nice, leather, cedar, rich tobacco with a subtle herbal undertone, again typical of trinidad!! after cutting the cap, i took a dry inhale, perfect resistance! right away i got a lovely taste of what was to come.......

    after toasting the foot gently with a match (a break from my normal practice of torching it), some wonderful aromas were released! i knew i was on to a winner with this one! the first third was very pleasant, nice clean, rich tasting tobacco, with a subtle herbal/ green tea undertone! wow, this cigar is only around 6 months old and it reminded me of an aged (well, approx 4 year old) monte no. 4 i had last summer on my holidays!!! the transition into the 2nd third was smooth, and the flavours started to pick up! the familiar mild aniseed/ licorice started to surface and make itself known to the rich tobacco/ herbal/ green tea mix already present! through this stage, none of the flavours dominated, they complimented each well, ebbing and flowing against each other!!! the final third all these flavours amplified, again, none in particular dominating!!! what a thoroughly pleasant smoke this was, a perfect burn throughout and never getting too hot, things not normally expected from so young a cigar!!! a reminder, if ever i needed one, that trinidad are one of the best brands habanos sa have and why i regularly have a couple of trinidads in my humidor!!! a perfect smoke!!!

    i was half expecting this cigar to show signs of its youth, a bitterness perhaps, signs of ammonia maybe, a poor burn! but no, it burned perfectly, tasted beautiful and smelled magnificant!!! these should be pretty much perfect with another year or two on them, but with them being this good now, i can't imagine them lasting!!! better get another box asap!!!

    one last point, it's a pity that habanos sa don't realize that with trinidad they have a brand that could easy outshine cohiba (imo), if they introduced another couple of sizes (a dalia perhaps?)!!!

    appearance, out of 15: 13
    smoking characteristics, out of 25: 24
    flavour, out of 25: 24
    overall impression, out of 35: 32
    total, out of 100: 93

    all the best,

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    Great little cigar...

    Nice review Senor...

    Cheers, HabanoSy


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      ps: i forgot to lasted around 45 minutes!!!! damned



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        nice review alex i am going to have to try a trinidad some day soon


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          Sounds really good, yet another cigar ive never tried, will have to put it on my wish list. This site is great for nudging people in the direction of a good smoke.. Fab


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            Originally posted by eggopp View Post
            Sounds really good, yet another cigar ive never tried, will have to put it on my wish list. This site is great for nudging people in the direction of a good smoke.. Fab
            yeah that and spending money


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              Nice review Alex.
              If you want to, you can.
              And, if you can, you must!


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                Nice review, Alex.


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                  nice review, Alex!

                  well done!

                  The Reyes are a nice smoke.


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                    Nice review! An excellent cigar that Trini Reyes.
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                      Nice review, spot on IMHO.
                      Originally posted by Simon Bolivar
                      Little medical correction there Steve, you will surely die...but not from smoking these

                      Originally posted by Ryan
                      I think that's for lighting electronic cigarettes


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                        Great review Alex. These are one of my favourites and I love them. TJ works hard to find the oldest box codes available and I am really keen to get a box for myself and put them away for a while.
                        Editor UK Cigar Scene Magazine


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                          Great review Alex ,been meaning to get some for quite awhile now, this has tipped the scales, thanks.


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                            Great review, been quite a while since I finished the last one in my box but this review has made me think about them again.
                            I think the first thing you notice about the Trinis is the packaging, great marketing. Wonderful little (well the Reyes anyway) varnished boxes, with a tight fitting lid & brass clasped clip. Open it up & there's papers & cedar sheet & when all is removed you finally espy the gorgous pigtailed sticks, gently gathered together with the yellow ribbon.
                            The box being so small, could fit into any of those otherwise difficult to fill spaces in your humi. So I guess there is no reason not to have at least one of them tucked away in there, for rifling when the mood strikes.
                            Simon Bolivar: Liberator of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru & Venezuela.


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                              I just smoked the last one I have of these on Sunday there at a local cigar 'shack'. If I had the spare cash I'd be buying a box! I too like these little cigars. They burn great and they taste great. Great for a short smoke, coffee and book