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  • Partagas SD4

    Yeah um, I hate to say it but, the D4? Not too sure I like it.

    Actually, it was something of a paradoxical smoke as I'm sure I should have absolutely loved it. Construction looked great, flavour was incredibly full (perhaps too full?) and there was considerable complexity.

    The SD4 started its journey with an intense wave of caramelised almonds - nuttiness galore. In fact, that really was the predominant/core flavour profile throughout this cigar. During the 2nd third it started to evolve slightly and I picked up some coffee and milk chocolate. Once again though, it all came back to the almonds. I just couldn't get away from that flavour and I'm not sure it's a flavour I like in a cigar. There were also appearances from Senior. Cedar Wood and friends. Quite woody indeed.

    All in all, I would have to conclude that while it was in theory an entirely excellent smoke (and I enjoyed the opening and the 1st third in particular), it probably isn't the right smoke for me in the long-run. I'm fairly new to cigars per se and while I'd previously concluded that I liked a really full-bodied smoke, that night I found myself nightswimming towards the light fruitiness of an HDM Epicure No. 2.

    I was given my first taste of that cigar by the lovely folks at Sautter of Mount Street whilst I was choosing the rest of my haul the other week and I have to say it was a truly fabulous smoke. I loved the largely fruity profile and it stood out to me as that perfect 'every-day' cigar that you can imagine smoking over the newspaper or a good book. Nothing too in-your-face but sublime all the same.

    Maybe the D4 is just too manly for this young here smoker? :P Stepping back for a moment and judging this cigar on a purely technical level - and paying particular respect to its construction and flavour - I give this cigar 90/100.

    Allowing myself to become emotionally involved, and judging it purely on the basis of what I like in a cigar, I'd have be merciless and say 85.

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    Now this is interesting...

    Do you know the manufacture date of the cigar you smoked? I for one was a Hoyo smoker, I love the DC Hoyo but recently my palette has been evolving. Traditionally I have been l luke warm on the Partagas P2 and D4. This opinion was changed a few weeks ago. When Jimmeh was over I found a D4 at the bottom of one of my humi's and knowing it had been in there years I decided to smoke it to tidy things up.

    Expecting a mediocre smoke I was put on my arse by how amazing this cigar was. It was rich and packed with flavour, mellow and strong at the same time. It filled the mouth with juicy coffee and chocolate overtones and I never wanted the smoke to end.

    The conclusion I was drawn to that night was that with six or more years ageing the D4 had the potential to be a great smoke. Not only did this result in my putting a ten box aside to age but also caused me to look again into obtaining the 2005 Partagas Reserva that was in the D4 format and was made using 2000 tobacco. I now have two of these and will smoke one when Jimmeh joins me in smoking the same cigar one night soon.

    I know the impact age can have on a cigar. A "fresh" or "green" Bolivar Belicosos Finos is not a good smoke but if you try a stick from the 2001 or 2003 cabinets floating about they are a GREAT smoke, the 2001 is an all time great.

    All I can say is please try and track down an old stick and give the D4 another chance, I suspect you will not regret it.

    "In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock!"


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      Re: Partagas SD4

      No idea on the date I'm afraid It was a single and I didn't check nor ask!

      Thanks for the advice, though. Sautter have a good stock of aged D4s so I might pop in and try one at some point. If my reaction is similar to yours, I may well put down 10 as well! However, my next order will be for some Dip 4s before they run out :P


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        The P2 and D4 are my fav smokes but quite expensive for me over here, but i guess that makes it more pleasurable as i dont have them to often


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          I love both the Partagas D4 and the Hoyo--I suppose they satisfy different needs at different times, though I find the D4 to be a much more interesting cigar to smoke, while the Hoyo is relaxing, steady, and uncomplicated.


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            D4's are one of my fav smokes. I also love the P2's.
            Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the D4, Maxi-J.


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              Originally posted by Soulmanure View Post
              I love both the Partagas D4 and the Hoyo--I suppose they satisfy different needs at different times, though I find the D4 to be a much more interesting cigar to smoke, while the Hoyo is relaxing, steady, and uncomplicated.
              This is actually a rather fitting description. Particularly for the Hoyo.


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                Love the D4 and absolutely adore the P2. Think I need to find some of those reserva's too Big T, I imagine I'll love them.

                Hoyo's I'm bored of now, smoked too many of them and don't find them at all interesting anymore.


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                  Thanks for the review Maxi. An interesting read about an interesting cigar. This is another one which thus far I have not smoked - I'll have to get my hands on some aged stock if I can.
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                    Nice review!

                    Love the D4s...

                    I prefer them with a year or less on them.


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                      i personally love the D4 have not smoked any with serious age but i have a box from 08 which are simply incredible


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                        Originally posted by mackem keith View Post
                        i personally love the D4 have not smoked any with serious age but i have a box from 08 which are simply incredible



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                          I also love the PSD4's to me it is the only cigar that I get a coating that cover my palate from the first puff!!! But I could see for a new smoker that the D4 could be overwhelming. I used to love Hoyo epi#2's but unless they are old (at least late 90s) they just taste flat to me now. I think you would really like the Punch line and the SLR line as they both have a nice sweet profile and with age are outstanding


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                            It doesnt surprise me that you didnt get on with it.
                            I've had a fair few D4's in my time and partagas is my fav brand and have enjoyed very few of them, but keep going back to give them another try as I love the p2 and everyone raves about the D4.
                            Each time the constructions been rather shoddy and didnt really inspire me. I guess I'm too used to the quality control of an NC.
                            But I still buy them so there must be something there, I just cant put my finger on it so give them another try.
                            Free the UKCF one


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                              Adding my take on this popular cigar!

                              Well, appearance-wise? A few small veins, triple cap, cute size, spicy aroma, and chocolate brown wrapping, with a very easy dry draw to it. Kind of looks similar to the Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles.

                              1st 1/3 = Okay there are cigars with flavour, and there are cigars with flavour... and this is certainly the latter! The first few puffs simply released an explosion of spice, sweetness, leather, with hints of ginger and cinnamon, in an oily super smooth fire of peppers (without the heat of course!). The draw was so easy - in fact too easy! Be that as it may, I was able to adjust to it quite well. Sadly though I was not even past the inch mark when the cigar started to feel rather soft and springy all the way down. Too humidified maybe?

                              2nd 1/3 = The strength of the spice and richness of the flavours continued, however burn had become rather uneven with a manual touch-up required. Some floral tones creaping through in the after taste, with a lovely nutty roast. The tobacco is so damn rich and smooth that it literally felt like licking an ice-cream made from pure warm roasted Cuban leaf! Creamy and earthy flavours were also evident. Just a multi-tude of character beaming from this cigar!

                              Final 1/3 = Even finding the leather rich, creamy and smooth that it just adds to the whole experience makeup. Sadly as I predicted, the cigar just became more and more spongy that by the final few inches it just became more attuned to a gelatinous tobacco shaft, with smoke harder and harder to draw. Further relighting required and even some tunnelling was experienced... Flavour-wise the leather and spice intermingling into a more intense shot in a backdrop of smooth cream.

                              Overall, this is one of only a few cigars I have smoked that rigorously drowns you in a rich stew of flavours. Only problem was its increasingly feathery structure that did seem to collapse by the final few inches, resulting in multiple puffs just to get a good amount of smoke in it. Sadly more puffs per draw equated to an increase in leather intensity, infecting the other flavours.

                              Will need to try another soon to get a better gauge of this tasty cigar!
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