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    Originally posted by Simon-JG-hr View Post
    So... It's been over a year since I added a review to the blog or updated this thread... I finally found some time to sit down and make some proper notes on a cigar (and it's taken me nearly another month to type them up!) This was one of the cigars from the UKCF Party at No1 St James' last summer. Hope everyone else enjoyed this one as much as I did!
    I'm glad yours burned, I remember relighting mine so many times I just gave up
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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      Cheers cj! Too much socialising before Christmas, too much work after Christmas... Priorities are being rearranged as I type.

      Somewhat coincidentally PeeJay someone over on the Aussie forums had smoked one of these recently too (his from 2004) - he'd suffered some construction issues too. Perhaps an inconsistent vitola? I certainly got fairly lucky.
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