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Cuaba Divinos

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  • Cuaba Divinos

    I love this little cigar. The figurado vitola is beautiful to look at and has had a regular spot in my humidor since I first smoked it back in 2010.

    This cigar was full of sweet caramel, sandalwood, dried apricots and figs with hints of roasting chestnuts - a heavenly flavour palette which reminded me just why I love the Cuaba Divinos.

    Full review is available at

    Anyone else appreciate this little beauty?
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    Whilst I love a figurado I just can't get on with Cuabas. That said they are one of the most distinctive Cuban cigars.
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      I'm pretty sure Vitola provided me with one. It was a great short smoke in the garden. I will definitely try again!


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        Pandora I would certainly agree with you terms of the fruit flavours that permeate this little smoke. And as John says, probably one of the most distinctive cuban smokes out there - which I appreciate every now and again - an acquired taste


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          I enjoy these occasionally, I've got through two boxes over a couple years and haven't experienced the construction issues I've heard others complain about. I really like the transition of strength and flavour you get as it burns at different ring gauges. I might dig one out tonight!


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            Nice review. I’m on the fence on Cuaba but I’ve had some amazing Salomones if you can find the time to smoke them. I wouldn’t buy them blind however.


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              Thank you Alexw33 I haven't yet had the pleasure of a Salomones. I shall have to seek some out 👌🏻


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                Nice review indeed Pandora, I too am a fan of the Marca & the vitola. I was late to the Divinos because at E6/7 is always seemed too much for such a small smoke but eventually I picked up a few from group sales & soon became part of my morning rotation. I believe it was MRN who said these were a good eye opener in the mornings & they certainly start off a morning, with a decent coffee very nicely indeed. I have only had one or two with draw problems. Originally these were totally hand rolled with required the highest level of rollers but due to there being so many totally unsmokable, they went to being pressed in a mould. I have a box from '07 & '08 & they are smoking wonderfully now. Of course being short there is always an occasion to smoke one, especially when the weather turns colder & many are reduced to smoking outside. I would just advise eating something first though, they can have a powerful kick!
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