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J Cortes Club Panatella

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  • J Cortes Club Panatella

    So I wanted to give these budget cigars a go to see where they ranked after all Machine made etc I was expecting an almost Winterman Castella flavour.

    Meaning burnt earth and coffee levels of nastiness..... However you never know till you try and the Sumatrian blue line in J cortes is. Very well reviewed online so decided I'd go with the 4 and 1/2 by 32 Club Panatella to see if I might like to try their bigger more substantial counterpart.

    So a very nice cardboard box, a little bit too much of a Castella vibe but also different enough, on opening smells. Like a ton of sweet hay like a barn.

    Not bad, better than the Castella or Winterman offering easily in the smell test. Pre light draw yeah tangy sweet hay and tobacco promising to be fair.

    So the light used a match this evening to light, a few short puffs and boom there it is generic tobacco but oh yes the sweet hay is there but overall very smooth and not a bitter burnt earth bomb.

    As I get into it I'm honestly not expecting much else for the price and what it is, I'm expecting only the one note, but about a third in the real surprise and treat with this cigar,..... Ooooh a touch of woody cedar nice it balances with the hay sweetness and smoothness of the cigar.

    Of course keep in mind a machine rolled short filler like this requires a nice slower pace of smoking to prevent overheating and bitterness but a solid 30 to 40 min down time I paired with a beautiful Pineapple Rum which complimented it nicely.

    Towards the very end typical bitterness but not as harsh as I would have predicted. So a two dimensional Job, but at the price the pack of 5 clubs go it's actually a very impressive cigar beats the offering you'd get from a Winterman or Castella Panatella which is where I was expecting it to go. Had more complexity than a King Eddie which tend to just be plain smooth sweet tobacco.

    With my expectations set where they were this delivered and did so really well, an easy everyday smoke if one does so everyday. A nice enough cigar to just enjoy at the end of a stressful day or week.

    I think I will order some of the High Class blue Tubes at some point and see how it's bigger relative does, but for a decent real dirt cheap budget Cigar the J Cortes is a surprisingly good contender that punches above its weight id say.

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    Cool, looking for some cheap decent cigars to infuse and this looks a good candidate.