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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1

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  • Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1

    In all likelihood, it is "blasphemy" for me to write a review as I am very inexperienced! However, I could not find a thread on this cigar - which, compared to the other 2-3 I've tried so far , impressed me a lot. Perhaps others can/should chime in.

    To organize my thoughts, I am blatantly stealing tippexx's review format:

    Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1
    Size: 46 x 5.6" (143mm) — Coronas Gordas
    Smoke time: 1 hour to 1hr 20m.
    Age: Unknown (bought as a single)

    Appearance: I will have to resort to a photo:

    Construction: Cutting was uncomplicated and trouble-free. Burn was uniform until the middle part: from then on, I had to make a couple of corrections. On one of those occasions, the degree of unevenness surprised me, as I had been keeping the cigar level at all times and I was indoors (no wind). The ash was firm with the exception of a few loose "flakes" (if this is the proper term ). The draw was effortless and "communicative", in that I could easily sense and regulate the heat. I did not have to relight.

    Flavour: Discreet but captivating nonetheless! Initially the honey-like sweetness is dominant, accompanied by hints of coffee or chocolate. By the middle, things get less playful, but pleasantly so, with a touch of wood and perhaps pepper. The final third is closer to tobacco and earth but still not bitter! Regardless, I did not insist and let it go out once I was past that point.

    Overall: Very pleasant, apparently low in nicotine, a cigar that offers so much without requiring particular circumstances. I am definitely getting a box, unless the Epicure Especial (which I am trying next) is better, filling-in where the No.1 felt a little too timid.
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    Nice review, don't forget the epi2 a great smoke.


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      Nice review!
      Very nice cigar.


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        Great review, beginner or not! I've had the epi 2's, but the 1's. I'll have to put it on the 'must try' list.


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          A great inaugural review Pilot! Here's to many more.

          By the way... Would you consider yourself a fairly 'quick' smoker? It's just that one hour for a cigar of that size seems awfully quick.

          I'm another that's going to have to try this. Whilst I understand myself to have been unlucky, or in a very small minority, the couple of Epi 2s I've had kind of put me off the brand (though I'm quite a fan of the 'Le Hoyo' range).
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            What an auspicious start!

            Excellent review and something I've not smoked.

            Sincere thanks Pilot, good work.


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              Thank you, everyone! I am glad that I was not off the mark with my first review. I am encouraged to keep writing my impressions, as I progress .

              Simon, the truth is that I struggled to recall the duration. We smoked before dinner, with friends, and it was well past dessert when I looked at the time. I decided to put down "1 hour", because I am certain it took me at least this long. I did make a conscientious effort to draw lightly and slowly and to pause in between but I don't think it was an hour and a half, for example. Still, I think I will amend to reflect this ambiguity.


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                Great review Costas. Gonna have to put the Epi 1 on my 'wanted list' now .... only trouble is, this 'list' is getting longer and longer.

                Well done matey!
                If you want to, you can.
                And, if you can, you must!


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                  Nice review mate. Concise and to the point. The Epi 1 is in my "Like" list and I've just sent one to a friend on another forum that wanted a sampler of Cubans as a try out. Indeed they are not overpowering in any way but a very enjoyable smoke.
                  What would I know? I'm just a backwoods roo packin crim from New Holland! LOL. (Thankyou El Cat)


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                    Excellent review costas, well done. Nobody would have known it was your first one had you not have mentioned so.

                    Everyones thoughts and tastes are different, i enjoy the Epi 1 a great smoke, be confident, no one will berate you for a review...

                    Great job, well done


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                      nice review pilot, i have only smoked 2 or 3 of the hoyos and they did not make me want to rush out and buy a box, might have to give them an other go


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                        As everyone else has said, NICE REVIEW!
                        I'm new at this too and I like the hoyo's too.....no1 and no2 are on my "next order" list too


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                          Nice cigar

                          Very nice review. I like the Epi1 over the Epi2 at present which seems to be at odds to mostopinion on this forum. I have some Epi Esp in the Humi which I will try shortly.



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                            Andy, when you try the Especial, would you please comment on it?


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                              May be a short while, but I will come back with some feedback