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Keith's Mystery Cuban.

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  • Keith's Mystery Cuban.

    Thought I'd post up a quick review on a recent stick I'd tried, courtesy of our Royal BOTL - Sir Keith, the Prince of Moseley.

    As some of you may have read elsewhere, myself, Bopmachine, Keith (and other esteemed guests), met up last week in the Midlands for a spot of Herf-age.

    On the menu were some of Hamlet's freshly rolled Cubans, the Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres, and one or two others.

    Added to this mouthwatering list however, were some of Keith's own unbanded Cuban cigars.
    Which he generously donated from his private stock. (Cheers Keith!)
    If my memory is correct, he purchased a box of these after a sampling in one of Cuba's 'Paladares' (Private restaurants). At a cost or roughly ?3/4 per stick (?).

    Now, I have to confess, and this may come as something of a shock to most of you, but I do tend to prefer Cuban cigars over Non Cuban.
    (I know, I know, I've been trying to keep it quiet so as to not offend anyone - but. . there, I've said it now).

    However, this being said, there are one or two advantages to preferring NC's over Cubans that I'm prepared to admit:
    1. The quality control is generally superior - Beautiful construction, rarely plugged, great consistency etc, and. .
    2. On average - they are significantly cheaper than an equivalent Cuban.

    So, bearing all that in mind I was curious to see how a young, inexpensive, locally made Cuban of no-fixed provenance would stand up against its more illustrious (and better known) rivals.

    The Answer?

    Surprisingly well, as it happens.

    The stick itself was Churchill sized, which I always think feels good in the hand. Great construction, triple cap, no blemishes or soft spots etc.
    In fact, as good as most of the more well known brands.

    Clipped and lit, it smoked perfectly - superbly weighted draw (just the right amount of resistance) no touch-up required and a razor sharp burn to the end.
    The strength of the smoke was around the medium mark from the word go, with bags of flavour to boot.
    However, I remained cautious. Hamlet's freshly rolled had started well, before becoming (for me anyhow) too mellow and subtle. Smooth? Yes. Due to his tobacco being well aged (5 years?), but lacking in 'bite' from a flavour point of view.

    Not this though. Clearly the youth of this cigar came through with the occasional harsh moment or two. I suspect the age of the tobacco used in these was pretty young (which is only to be expected).
    But, given the choice I'd pick these over Hamlet's every time.

    It makes me wonder what a year or two in the Humidor would do for these cigars?
    I suspect, once time has worked its magic and smoothed out some of the harsher edges, these could be the equal of many a high-end and higher-priced seegar.

    So, in closing, it looks like another myth has been busted - Good Cuban cigars can be had for less than the price of an NC.

    I thank you.
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    Originally posted by DRAGMASTER
    Every time I sleep with a girl I smoke a cigar while we do it. It's exciting and makes you feel strong, manly and empowered.

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    Nice post el cat,good to read a post about cigars again,seem to be few and far between lately
    "For what could be more beautiful than the heavens which contain all beautiful things." - Nicholas Copernicus, 1543


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      Good review Cat. And, with only the merest tinge of bias too.
      If you want to, you can.
      And, if you can, you must!


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        Nice review mate, seems like you had a great time.


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          Hey Cat,

          Glad you enjoyed the cigar! To debunk the mystery the cigar was produced by Enrique Mons at La Cas del Habano in Miramar. Mr Mons is a great host and it is the best place to smoke I have ever been. As well as a fantastic humidor, a great lounge (with bar) and the best piece of cigar art you will ever see, he has a range of House Cigars rolled on site.

          His background is he was in charge of quality for Cubatabaco (predecessor of Habanos) for almost 20 years. He is so friendly. When I first went there a couple of years ago, I looked for something I hadn't smoked before, thinking I would try one out and then prehaps buy a box to bring home. I picked something out, I can't remember what it was. He made me a coffee and I sat down in a huge leather chair to enjoy the cigar.

          I remember being so disappointed as the cigar was difficult to draw and when Enrique asked me what I thought of it, I told him not much. We got talking and he asked me what my favourite smoke was. I told him Siglo VI and he disappeared and brought back one of his House Cigars, that indeed looked like a Siglo VI.

          It was a great cigar. So I bought a few.

          This year I went back again and bought 3 different House Cigars from Enrique. They cost between 4 and 6 CUCs (?3-?5) and are a great smoke.

          Now I can't remeber which cigar I gave you Cat, but once again, pleased you enjoyed it and I look forward to smoking the next one with you!