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Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No 3

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  • Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No 3

    Partagas ? Serie du Connaisseur No 3
    Size: 143mm x 35 ? Carlota
    Smoke time: 68mins

    Cigar box date: MAR 03/EMS 2006

    Appearance: Firstly, I have to say that this cigar just oozed cool. Elegant and perfectly proportioned with a silky, deep brown, unbanded, oily wrapper ? with the beginnings of crystalisation ? and compact firmnesss that was a delight to roll between my fingers and a fine testament to humidor keeping. The pre-smoke aroma was tantalisingly sweet and floral.

    Construction: Firm, firm, firm. The pre-draw was beautifully resistive and just stayed that way for the entire smoke. The burn was rock-solid straight and the dark grey ash (darkest I?ve ever seen on a Cuban) needed no attention and only three tap-offs (see photos). No re-lights, no corrections.

    Flavour: The start is soft, creamy smoke with the evident Cuban twang almost lemon souffle like in character, plus hints of nuts, cinnamon and underlying floral notes. Not quite a third in and the sweet tastes became dryer more woody and pine like, but always crisp and invigorating. Into the last third and tastes become fuller and much more leathery/woody ? the sweetness doesn?t disappear altogether ? and the tobacco strength does now begin to kick-in. The finale is manly, full of peppers and something which reminded me of Absinth. Delicious

    Overall: Delightful. A box is very much ?on the cards?!
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    If you want to, you can.
    And, if you can, you must!

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    Great review Tip.

    I only ever hear good things about the Conni's.
    Originally posted by Simon Bolivar
    Little medical correction there Steve, you will surely die...but not from smoking these

    Originally posted by Ryan
    I think that's for lighting electronic cigarettes


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      A Charlotte without the pepper, nice review.


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        Originally posted by ewipper View Post
        A Charlotte without the pepper, nice review.

        Same size yes. And to be honest, from reading other reviews I was expecting the pepper at the front of the smoke. But, with the cigar being seven years old maybe those had mellowed out a bit?

        Charlotte's .... I've no idea where they can be found outside an auction room these days!
        If you want to, you can.
        And, if you can, you must!


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          I have one Charlotte left in my humi, cannot bring myself to smoke the last one I will probably ever see.
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