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No2's Taste-off ? Round 1.

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  • No2's Taste-off ? Round 1.

    Montecristo — Montecristo No2
    156mm x 52 — Piramide
    Smoke time: 1hour 25mins

    Cigar age: Unknown. Bought as part of a sampler last year so within the Deano Guideline of min. one year before smoking.

    While the weather is still reasonable, this cigar is the first I intend to smoke in a little taste-off. There will be four contenders. Next cigar up will be the H.Upmann No2 (which I have), with a PDS2 and Dippy No2 on their way from JJ Fox's.

    Appearance: Pleasant oily tan coloured wrapper with a pleasing spiral and a few fairly prominent veins.

    Construction: Nice easy ‘pinch’ at the band with no scarey sounds or anything untoward. The pre-light aroma was rich and musky. The pre-draw was neutral and the smoking-draw easy throughout the entire smoke. The burn if anything was a little disappointing and wayward and the ash — though well compacted and solid — just a little scruffy at times. No re-lights, no corrections.

    Flavour: Delightful although I didn’t find this cigar to be taxingly complex or strong. The smoke starts in billows with the Cuban floral twang evident immediately amid wood and hints of creamy dark chocolate and with a fresh lemon sweetness to the back. An inch in and the flavours begin to caramelise and a subtle spicyness begins to warm itself into the mix. At around half way, the woodiness which had started off light begins to take on more depth and which is nicely balanced by a touch of sweetness that brings a tingle to the tongue and lips. Creeping in the last third the flavours take on a more leathery aspect, becoming richer and deeper toned. The peppers now fully warmed provide a nice, through-the-nose finale to the smoke.
    Fairly mild to start, the Monte2 finishes strong and extremely flavorful.

    Overall: Easy to understand why this is a Cuban classic. A brilliant afternoon’s smoke. Newbee’s, don’t be a whoose like me and wait so long, give one a try, it’s well worth it I promise!.
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    Great review mate. The thing I find with Monty 2's is they are always good, but I very rarely fancy one! I just don't think about them when planning a smoke. I will occasionally pull one out and thoroughly enjoy it, but won't return again for months.


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      nice review Tip always enjoy a no2 but i know whatt bigbarney means


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        Well done for keeping it for so long without smoking!

        A massive fave. of mine.


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          Always have Monte 2s in the Humi and a real 'go to' cigar for me...

          Great review Tippy and I agree with all that you have said..
          Love Life - Love Cigars


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            Nice review Tipp...

            Humis' never without a good stash of Monte 2's to call upon when necessary...

            Cheers, HabanoSy


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              I love it too...


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                Big fan on the Monte 2 here, when they are good they are great!
                Originally posted by Simon Bolivar
                Little medical correction there Steve, you will surely die...but not from smoking these

                Originally posted by Ryan
                I think that's for lighting electronic cigarettes


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                  Great all rounder.


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                    Great review, I've got a Monty #2 and a Partagas SP #2 patiently waiting in my humi, really looking forward to them both.
                    "Achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding death." Ayn Rand


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                      Whisky I'll change but the Montys remain, great review Tipp, a No.2 2010 coming your way in package, smoke it immediately! .


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                        Love it! Love it! Love it!....but I love the Upmann #2's phenomenal (as all are things Upmann)


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                          I agree, upmann no2 comes out king of all no 2s for me, providing it's got a few years on it

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                            ' Scuse my Partagas ignorance, never really "got into" all the P's but are the posts refering to a Serie D No.2 & if so are they still available?
                            I've got 3 left in a '03 LE box & would like another box if they're appreciated


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                              Nah you won't find them very easily. Oddly the Casa in Gib has quite a lot of old P series'.