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No2's Taste-off ? Round 2.

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  • No2's Taste-off ? Round 2.

    H.Upmann — Upmann No2
    Size: 156mm x 52 — Piramide
    Smoke time: 1hour 25mins

    Cigar box date: ECA ENE 01. Bought as a single last week. Date confirmed by e-mail from Ryan at this morning.

    Appearance: Slightly squarish, pressed-in-the-box profile with a rich, reddish dark brown wrapper (Colorado). The wrapper itself was slightly mottled with one or two green spots and prominent veins running like healed scars along the cigar length. The cigar band — which looked a bit uncomfortable on a Piramide — was the old pre-06 production type.

    Construction: Easy ‘pinch’ with the cigar feeling well packed and solid. The pre-light aroma was heady rich tobacco. The pre-draw was good the smoking-draw became less and less easy during the smoke and I did have to resort to Chris’s crochet needle. The burn was excellent, straight as a die and the ash totally compact and solid needing just two tap off for the entire smoke (see pics). No re-lights, no corrections.

    Flavour: Very enjoyable, although in saying, I had psyched myself up for something a little stronger. The initial taste was sweet lemon saltiness, typically Cuban and accompanied by volumes of aromatic honey/caramel smoke. A few puffs and it’s into the ‘woodshop’, with myriads of delicious, dry flavors, most of which I couldn’t begin to describe. An inch in and the flavours begin to caramelise and a subtle spiciness begins to warm itself into the mix, whilst the smoke quality had taken on a soft, velvety ice-cream soda texture. At around half way, the woods pick-up stronger, warmer spice notes and the range of flavours becomes astonishing. Over half way and leather notes become apparent, and which mixed with the woods become progressively stronger in the final third. The dry flavours of the final third are balanced by an odd, savory/saltiness which is in itself very moorish.

    Overall: A fascinating smoke. I did expect it to be stronger. Age may have mellowed it out a bit, I might have changed or it may — with nine years on it — have been in one of Monkey66’s cyclic troughs. (Thoughts please?). But I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway!

    Newbee note. To pick-up an 01 vintage single for what JJ’s are asking at the moment is a steal. They are currently the cheapest on Piramids.
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    Bloody good review sir........ fact very good, as I have not smoked one of these yet but I soon will.

    I will see if I too can obtain a 2001 from JJs
    Love Life - Love Cigars


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      Originally posted by cohibaIV View Post
      ............I have not smoked one of these yet but I soon will.
      You're kidding right?
      I want you to hand in your lighter,cutter and ashtray and clean out your desk now!!!


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        Originally posted by Stevieboy View Post
        You're kidding right?
        I want you to hand in your lighter,cutter and ashtray and clean out your desk now!!!

        I'm going...

        Love Life - Love Cigars