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Sunk by a Lusitania.

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  • Sunk by a Lusitania.

    A cigar lesson learned, far to big and powerful for me, if i had stopped at halfway it would have been fine, but it is such an incredible tasting cigar that i just had to finish it.
    I used the 3 match method to light it then cut it, draw and burn were faultless, smooth and silky no harshness like i find with a lot of cigars, the only flavour i could identify was a fleeting hint of warm cider around the end of the first third, about half way the strength started to appear, and with hindsight that should have been my sign to exit, its obvious that age and lack of fitness does not allow me to go to excess anymore.
    I tried a Lusitania about 12 months ago and had no trouble with it, but on that occasion a large meal and a reasonable amount of alcohol were ingested prior.
    I need to find a stick about half the size with the same qualities with a little less potency.

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    Do you know the age of the particular cigar?
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      Had you eaten well beforehand? You can't go smoking sticks like that on an empty stomach..

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        No idea of age, single stick from Fox's about a month ago, kept in humi at 68/68.

        After dinner smoke, plenty in the tank, I think i have a low tolerance now.


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          Next time try a sugary drink, Coke or similar or some fruit juice, it helps the head and its a terrible shame to waste half a great cigar.
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            Had you drank much booze with it? I find that's a killer combo...


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              No booze at all last night

              If drinking coke with it does the job then i am up for that.

              Any suggestions as to an alternative with a similar profile ie a short Lusitania, will be most valued.

              thank you for the replies


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                My first Lusi (is that an acceptable abreviation?) sunk me too, but then I'd hardly smoked anything bigger than a Robusto or Corona Gorda save for the very odd RJ Churchill. Also I smoked it inside - in our small spare room with my bro also smoking a Lusi. With only 2 small windows, it was very smoky in there.

                My second Lusi this summer, outside after weeks of sampling various Churchills, Torros Sublimes et al hardly touched the sides. What a great smoke, well worth perservering with IMO & far too great to put down at the halfway point. It would be a shame to be put off them for life just because of one bad experience. As they say about riding - get straight back on the horse.

                If you do find one defeating you for the second time put it down for a wee while - move away from the smoke ie into another room if you're inside, drink a non-diet coke if you have any as others have suggested (might be worth buying just for this purpose) - or try a cup of tea or coffee (the former's more refreshing, but the latter's caffeine may help). When you pick it up again try & puff at a slower rate. 2 hours is probably not too much time to put aside for such a powerhouse.


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                  +1 get straight back on it. Always worth considering that our bodies respond differently on different days so the same stick tomorrow may be fine for you.

                  Love the Lusi ....doesn't everyone?
                  Originally posted by Simon Bolivar
                  Little medical correction there Steve, you will surely die...but not from smoking these

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                  I think that's for lighting electronic cigarettes


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                    Yep, man up and get another Lusi inside ya!


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                      Shame to hear about that. The Lusi is a fantastic cigar - had one earlier today myself. I agree with the comment that you may find your experience totally different on another day. In terms of an alternative cigar, if you were wanting the same vitola but with slightly less kick, how about the Hoyo DC? If you want something that is full on but takes less time to smoke (Robusto size maybe?) then I would plump for the serie D No 4 if you wish to stick with Partagas, or maybe a Ramon Allones specially selected - both great cigars in my opinion...