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Sorry if this seems flipant...

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  • Sorry if this seems flipant...

    Sorry if this seems flipant...

    But after 7 weeks of Manflu/cold/asthma I've just smoked my fist cigar in what seems like years.

    A Cohiba Siglo I (courtesy of a small purchase from this forum)

    So, my in depth review would be...................

    feckin superb. Nuff said.

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    Glad to have you back in civilised society Gordon.


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      A Fine Lil' Stick!

      Very nice, Muchacho! The CSI has always had a special place in don TJ's massive unit

      sigpicVaya con Dios, Amigos! - don TJ and the Coros


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        I probably should've given mb55317 a mention for the cigar.

        So thanks again Matt.


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          LMAO. I had the same recently & my first smoke afterwards was exactly that, a Siglo I. I too thought it was the best one I'd ever smoked.
          What would I know? I'm just a backwoods roo packin crim from New Holland! LOL. (Thankyou El Cat)


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            Glad you are feeling better!

            The Siglo I is by far and away my fave short smoke so far... plenty more to try though!
            "Achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding death." Ayn Rand


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              Welcome back
              Originally posted by Simon Bolivar
              Little medical correction there Steve, you will surely die...but not from smoking these

              Originally posted by Ryan
              I think that's for lighting electronic cigarettes