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Short Winter Smoke ? 2

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  • Short Winter Smoke ? 2

    Por Larranaga Panetelas
    Size: 127mm x 37 ? Vequerito
    Smoke time: 45mins.

    Cigar box date: OPM MAR 09.

    Note: Hand-made since 2002, these cigars are short filler (TC for ?tripa corta?). I?m guessing they are made from what is left over from the Por Larranaga long filler cigars. (High quality, Vuelta Abajo tobaccos).

    Appearance: A beauty this isn?t. A bit rough and ropey looking really, but nicely oily with a deeply blotched Colorado wrapper carrying some surface veins.

    Construction: Good pre-draw. Good smoking draw. The burn, considering the short filler, was a lot better than I expected and stayed pretty true. However, the ragged dark grey ash did not inspire confidence, so frequent tap-offs were prefered to having it decorate my Levi?s.

    Flavour: The pre-light aroma is rich tobacco. The smoke kick-off is fresh and zesty with the typical Cuban bite of sour/bitter lemon and a faint hint of woodiness to the back. A third in and the flavour becomes caramalised and the woodiness is more pronounced. At the half mark I began to detect distinct notes of chocolate, roasted nuts, and toasted tobacco there was also a hint of through-the-nose pepper. In the final third, the woodiness really came to the fore, which might have been a bit over-strong and monotonous were it not for a subtle almost raisin like supporting flavour and some under-sweetness that had characterised the entire smoke.

    Overall: If this cigar has a niche, it?s NOW when it?s bloody taters outside and you don?t really want to race a premium smoke but you still want something satisfyingly Cuban to fill the time. The PL Panatelas (when you can find them), aren?t expensive and fill the criteria brilliantly IMHO.

    Newbee Note: This cigar is rated as Light strength. But you will need to keep to a two puff a minute routine and to have eaten something beforehand or the nicotine WILL kick you in the pants.
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