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Padron Anniversary 1964 Principe

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  • Padron Anniversary 1964 Principe

    Hey guys,

    So im sure this will have been reviewed before at some point, and I know its highly regarding amongst NC collections, but I thought I would stick my review up regardless! Again, I dont think I know nearly enough yet to give a rating, just my opinion. Im not sure if this was a natural or maduro, however if anyone knows if I can find this out from the serial number that they include, it would be much appreciated!

    So here it is!

    Padron Anniversary 1964 Principe (Not sure if natural or maduro) ? No.739833

    Size: 4.5 Inches, 46 Gauge
    Year: Unknown.
    Price: $12 from Sherman Oaks Cigars.
    Smoking time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes.

    Appearance and Construction: The cigar had a beautiful dark smooth brown colour to it, something very appealing to not only look at, but to smell and touch also with its great uniformed shape. There were some very defined horizontal veins running through the cigar, and with its box pressed formation, gave a firm, but not overly feel to the cigar.

    Smoking Characteristics: The cigar took to lighting first time, and very easily, and without much effort it was burning away beautifully. The draw was perfect, with just the right amount of tug pulling on back on the cigar. I found that for a very light draw a lot of smoke was produced. The burn was perfect and even until the very end, and I found the square boxed shape, almost fitted my lips better than the standard shape. The Padron went out once, but was completely my fault, as I left outside too long as I ran in to do something, however lit perfectly when needed again.

    Flavour: Almost immediately there was a lovely spicy after taste, but yet it managed to maintain its smoothy silk flavour, with big milky coffee flavours bursting through with every draw. There were also some hints of leather dying to get through. As the 2nd third approached, the cream flavours continued providing a very relaxing and non-harsh smoke. The mild to medium spice was still present in the aftertaste, leaving a little tingle on the back of the tongue. At this point the Padron was producing even more smoke than at the start, almost too much, with every inhaling filling my mouth with creamy smoke, and then some. By the beginning of the last third, the strength had increased greatly, and those smooth coffee flavours had disappeared, although I started sensing some burnt coffee beans instead. Some lovely dark chocolate started forcing its way through at this point, with a continuing taste of even stronger spice now, however, still enough cream to keep its creamy posture. Just before ending the pleasure, I decided to take a couple of extra puffs, due to the fact I got a heavy taste of a gorgeous slow cooked beef stew, something I didn?t want to end.
    Overall opinions: For such a small cigar, there was a lot of punch that came with it. The creaminess all the way through meant that this cigar for me, could easily be smoked at any point during the day, but is durable enough to enjoy late at night, with friends and a glass of whiskey. I loved how easy this cigar was to smoke, and how relaxing I found the entire experience. My only real concern with the cigar, was just how much smoke it managed to produce, and at half way, almost became too much to handle, but it wasn?t nearly enough to stop me from coming back to this cigar over and over again from now on.


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    Great review mate...

    One NC that I really like....
    Love Life - Love Cigars


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      Nice review...

      Cheers, HabanoSy


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        Nice review!

        Brings back memories from our honeymoon, I bought a box from the Monte Carlo hotel in Vegas, managed to keep some for over four years, those that lasted that long were soooooo smooth
        Exploring the world - one smoke at a time.


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          Have liked every Padron 64 that have had.


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            I've always enjoyed the 1926 series more than this one. Great review!
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              Originally posted by CigarInspector View Post
              I've always enjoyed the 1926 series more than this one. Great review!
              Love the #6 and #9
              Love Life - Love Cigars