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  • Partagas Short

    Well after all the reccomendations from the "Partagas nuts" as I call them on this forum I decided it was time to try one of these much praised "Party Shorts". I've come to enjoy the petit corona size probably more than anyother, the smoke time is just right leaving you wishing it was longer (the sign of a great smoke in my opinion).

    I also purchased a Csonka air purifier along with the cigars from C.Gars LTD and would like to give my thoughts on it also.

    Well the Party Short looks good to me,


    I'm nio afficanado so these are just the thoughts of a guy that enjoys a good smoke. The wrapper looked good to me, smooth and pleasing to the eye. The construction looked good.

    On smoking it became apparent (as others have stated) it is a full flavoured cigar and it flies straight out of the blocks like an olympic sprinter. Lighting this cigar is like Clark Kent turning into Superman, a full flavour (nutty I think) that still isn't overpowering but just seems to hit those taste buds without spoiling it.

    The burn went a bit uneven and it went out a couple of times probably due to me leaving it for too long (I had to pace myself with that full flavour). This didn't reduce the experience at all and relight easily each time and the uneven burn corrected itself. The draw was 100% perfect.


    It lasted me atleast an hour (I wasn't paying much attention to the time just enjoying the cigar) and I stopped only when it got close to the end and became hot on the draw. The full flavour remained constant throughout and I didn't detect any changes in flavour or strength.

    I see why people reccomend these now, I like the Trinidad Reyes and these are an excellent option to go along with them. If you want a full flavoured petit corona then this has to be considered. I don't have any bad points for this cigar and will be purchasing more in the future so a 9/10, not a 10/10 because of no complexity but this isn't a cigar that you go to for that I suppose, but hey no-one's perfect!

    I used a Csonka original air purifier for the first time and must say it's an excellent product. On high whilst smoking it was quiet making no noise and neutralised the smoke within a couple of minutes leaving the air clear. The tobacco smell was almost completely gone within 30 minutes after I finished smoking and it had gone when I woke up the next day. In the long run this is an investment if you buy candles and air freshners as none were needed (and I was smoking a Partagas!) so 10/10.

    I see why people are nuts about Party Shorts now

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    Great stuff. Alway have to have a few Party Shorts in the humidor.


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      nice review,i think it is harder to get the complexity in the shorter cigar format


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        Really enjoyed that review mate, nice one as it's a cigar I have yet to try...
        Love Life - Love Cigars


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          Great review...

          Great cigar...

          Cheers, HabanoSy


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            Great review, I've always been interested to know just how well those air purifiers work, still don't think it's enough to persuade the other half to let me smoke in the conservatory though

            As for the Party Short, I like them well enough but for a short smoke that packs a lot of flavour I'd choose the RASCC every time.
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              Nice review, many thanks.
              Originally posted by Simon Bolivar
              Little medical correction there Steve, you will surely die...but not from smoking these

              Originally posted by Ryan
              I think that's for lighting electronic cigarettes


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                Really enjoyed the review and I really enjoy a Party Short - great smoke!


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                  The Reyes needs years IMHO and I am not a fan of the Party Short as I feel it is a less than stellar example of Cuban finesse. That said I am glad you, like others enjoyed your smoke.
                  What would I know? I'm just a backwoods roo packin crim from New Holland! LOL. (Thankyou El Cat)


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                    Nice review

                    Only ever had one of these myself and I really enjoyed it. May well be looking at a box of these once the other half releases her grip on my finances!!


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                      Nice review big fan of party shorts here always a staple in my humis


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                        Hi Agricola,

                        The Partagas Short has always been one of my favourite small cigars (from the cabinet of 50 is possible) so it's nice to see it get a write up here. If you want to try a different small cigar with plenty of character, can I suggest the Cuaba Divinos?


                        UK Cigar Smokers Club


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                          interesting reading, i too am into the PC right now and also the reyes although i wasnt gone on the last part. D4 i had not sure im ready for the 'full' flavour ??

                          Looking for Monte Sublimes if you have any?


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                            Nice review!
                            This is easily one of my top smokes, especially in winter. Good stuff.
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