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Trinidad Short Robusto T ? EL 2010

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  • Trinidad Short Robusto T ? EL 2010

    Trinidad ? 2010 EL Short Robusto T
    Size: 99mm x 50 ? Petit Robusto
    Smoke time: 53mins

    Box date: OSB ARB 10 4

    OK. Size issue and price issues first. It?s small and made to appear even smaller by the double banding. For newbees who might not know, and as a comparison I?ve photographed one alongside it?s bigger, standard production brother and an Uppy Mag 48 and a Monte PR. Mitch, prices both the Trinni Short Robusto T and the Robusto T at ?17.29 a stick. A lot of money, but then so is ?3.40 for a crappy King Eddie because they all end up in the same way, as vanished smoke and debris in an ashtray. I?ve read a few reviews and the conclusions are pretty much the same, why smoke a Short Robusto T when the Robusto T offers the bigger value for money. Which, to my mind misses a mark and is a bit like saying why pay to watch the likes of Andres Iniesta when you can cheer along to Micheal Carrick? (Apologies to MU fans).

    Appearance: Short and compact with the shortness further extenuated by the double bands which take up almost half the length of the cigar. The rich brown wrapper ? several shades darker than the Robusto T incidentally ? is typical Trinidad, rustic and slightly rough textured but finished with a beautifully applied triple cap and the characteristic pig tale. The wrapper also carried some odd mottled flecking, but I?ll get back to that a little later. With the bands off, the appearance of the cigar is handsome and purposeful shareing the visual proportions of a castle canon.

    Construction: Firm to the touch all along the barrel with a gentle, perfect resistance beneath the branding band. The aroma at the head is delicious, think deep wood with just the faintest hints of earth, heather and new leather shoes. Snip, and a perfect pre-draw made even more perfect because the cigar played the Maduro trick, and left a moorish, salty, nuttiness on my lips before I?d even lit it. The aroma from the cut foot was even better than that from the head being far more pungent and richer. On lighting-up the draw was slightly resistive and the burn presented no problems whatsoever throughout the smoke. The smoke strangely, though aromatic, was lighter and less voluminous than that of other Cuban Robustos. The mid-grey ash stayed compact and firm throughout the entire smoke and marked by a curious white flecking which I?ve tried to get close-ups of, and which corresponded exactly with the markings I described on the wrapper earlier. In fact the ash was so compact I began to wonder if the Short Robusto T could do a Lee Nub, and blow me down, it can! Two tap-offs (see photos). No re-lights, no corrections. (A little aside for regular Robusto smokers, Alex, I mean you. That 53mins is a bit more than I expected).

    Flavour: First hit Wow this is really nice, but WTF where?s the distinctive Cuban sour lemon ?twang?? It wasn?t there. What the Short Robusto T has is something completely it?s own. It?s flavours are definitely woody ? but smooth and refined and thoroughly enjoyable. Finess is what the Short T is all about, only occasionally could I pick out other flavours I could recognise, a bit of liquorish at around half way and some distinct chocolate in the last third accompanied by whack of delicious peppers. Smoking the Short Robusto T is a joy, it isn?t as vivacious as the Mag 48, but flavour quality is unique and the taste which starts a delicious medium develops exponentially in tone and depth with every puff. Bloody marvelous!

    Overall: A great morning?s smoke. Maybe not big enough or rich enough for after dinner smoking but certainly an easy to smoke companion for after lunch or anytime throughout the day.
    Excellent tasteing cigar, and if you?re not dissuaded by the price, well worth the trying IMHO.
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    Nice write up. I really enjoy the Trini Robusto Extra, but I've never tried the shorter versions yet.

    Good to see you doing one of your reviews again Tip - always enjoy reading them


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      Nice cigar, I have two sitting in my humidor but too much band and not enough cigar. Looking forward to a major Reyes fest shortly!
      Editor UK Cigar Scene Magazine


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        Originally posted by Monkey Nuts View Post
        Nice write up. I really enjoy the Trini Robusto Extra, but I've never tried the shorter versions yet.

        Good to see you doing one of your reviews again Tip - always enjoy reading them
        + one, its been to long tipp,keep them coming


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          Good review Tippex, I have one that I picked up at el Nacional (would never have paid that UK priice for a PR), thought I'd wait a while but looking fwd to it now.
          Simon Bolivar: Liberator of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru & Venezuela.


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            Great review as always Tipp...

            As Pete says, it's been way to long...!!!

            Cheers, HabanoSy


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              Great review! Thanks Tippex... love the sound of these but the dent in the wallet they make will probably stop me from trying one anytime soon.