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Winston Churchill Lancaster Review

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  • Winston Churchill Lancaster Review

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I write for a number of blogs. Just thought I would post a review and see how it goes down.


    The ‘Lancaster’ is a larger version of the famous ‘Spitfire’ cigar by Winston Churchill. They were blended by Davidoff (assisted by Winston’s grandson) in a Belicoso format, providing a great smoke.


    Wow! This has got to be one of the best surprises of the year! The Lancaster is a great tasting high quality cigar at a ridiculously low price. The cigar has a great draw and holds about an inch and a half of ash, highlighting the high quality. It provides a great short to medium smoke where time is limited.

    The unlight smell and draw on the cigar provided a great woody scent, which grew richer when the cigar was light. You pick up the smooth wood smell best by retrohaling, but can also pick up light hints of vanilla and coffee. All of this wraps into a delicate, smooth flavour.

    You get a very good, even burn out of this cigar. Moreover, the cigar lights very easily, so you must take care not to char the end when lighting it. If you spend your attention on lighting the cigar carefully, then you will enjoy a great smoke with a mild flavour and medium body.

    The most surprising aspect of this review has got to be the price. As I always say, price does not guarantee a good cigar, but the value for money with this cigar was simply unbelievable. It costs around ?25 for a tin of four Belicosos from most major retailers in the UK. In the USA, the price is around $20 - $25. But the word is spreading fast, and the Lancaster is becoming an unpredicted success, so grab some soon to avoid disappointment.


    Flavour: Mild
    Body: Medium
    Price: Low
    Value: Great
    Rating: 4.5/5

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