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Paying duty at the airport

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  • Paying duty at the airport


    I've debated doing this a few times but have yet to try, does anyone have any experience of declaring and paying tax at the airport?

    Considering prices abroad sometimes this would still be worthwhile but after hearing all the horror stories of people getting taxed on the weight of a box when shipped in from outside of the UK.

    So any done it? Do they just look at the actual item and relevant taxable weight or just weigh the whole box?

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    I have never needs to as I always stay within the limits, but if you're worried about the weight of the box being included why not take the cigars out before you declare it?


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      I actually asked to declare some cigars at Heathrow once, but they did not know what to do. They gave me a HMRC pamphlet and waved me through.


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