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    If you can back up why you?re buying them and don?t buy like a smuggler I?m sure you?ll be okay. If you?ve got 20 of the same box they?ll probably start asking questions yes but if you can show you collect know what you?re talking about and buy in a way that makes sense for someone who smokes I wouldn?t worry too much.

    I?d probably start getting nervous if more than half of my suitcase was full with them!

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      I'll copy the posts I mistakingly put on other threads here.... I forgot I started this thread! lol!


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        (Copied from another thread 06.04.2020)
        *Well here's the thing Simon..... as you know, it's the Spanish government who set the prices..... me and my new lady were wanting to go to Barcelona for a city break in may..... so, when this thing lifts, I'll be going there! Saying that, the hotel in Torremolinos ran day trips by coach to Morocco (tangiers, 85euros), Gibraltar (25euros), Seville and the Alhambra in Granada (both 50euros each)..... so it's a great place to explore southern Spain! I'd say most hotels in this region would offer the same thing.....

        check out this cigar club in tangiers:

        a quick google search for 'estancos in seville' brought up loads of results..... all with reviews and photos.....

        if I'm not breaking any rules, I could attach the pdf of the latest Spanish prices for all cigars in their government controlled 'estancos'..... they don't post abroad anyway, and it's for the benefit of those intending to buy cigars while on holiday...... so I shouldn't be breaking any forum rules! I'll wait on a ruling on that.... lol


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