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  • The Cigar Lounge Derby

    A semi impromptu visit yesterday for myself, Old4Bold and two friends met through our love of cigars. We've spoke about visiting a lounge for a while and given recent experiences we thought nows a better time than any.

    And so it began, on arrival you're greeted with well an almighty selection of honey. Somewhat bewildered I phoned and was told to walk through the door into wonderland.

    With the humidor on your left as you walk in and the lounge on your right, its a wonderful place to visit. Decorated with various animal skins, an almighty fly fishing selection, I made my way down to the corner table my friends had selected and soaked it in.

    Greetings and gifts exchanged (photos would be shared but tapatalk seems to think I dont exist today, I walked away with 5 Rafael Gonzales Baltic regionals and a P2) I couldn't wait no longer and made my way into the humidor. A massive selection of regular production, ELs, REs, i didnt know where to begin.

    I came here with one goal, smoke something new after much perusal and back and forth, I mentally coin tossed between a Cuaba Distinguidos and a Juan Lopez No. 2, the Cuaba won.

    After a very enjoyable hour or so, James brought the glasses out and explained although there was no on site bar, we could bring our own within reason. With emmen foresight, outcome the hip flasks, with a palette cleanser of Havana 7 and a complimentary bottle of water, back into the humidor I went.

    Now this selection was much easier, I saw it as I first entered and now it was time, I picked up a 2016 Trinidad Fundadores and again took my seat, another drop of rum and it was time to knock a cigar to try off my list.

    Overall, an amazing selection, really good atmosphere, you are able to walk in without your usual accessories as they are provided across the lounge, knowledgeable host with no hint of upselling. Top class lounge experience.