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10 assumptions for avoiding fake cigars - beginners guide

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    Sorry if it's a dumb question but should I be cautious about being sold fakes in cigar stores in London?
    I've only been in two stores (and only purchased in one) since I've been here.
    I'm guessing the stores here (Like Fox) are regulated? They seemed very knowledgable and were very helpful.
    No offense to the guys at Fox btw, i'm pretty sure what I bought wasn't fake!


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      10 assumptions for avoiding fake cigars - beginners guide

      The B&M stores in London are about as sure a place as any on the planet to be certain that what you're buying is 'the real deal'. The likes of JJ Fox, 1A, Davidoff and Sautters - amongst many others just in that neck of the woods - have close and long standing relationships with H&F (the Cuban cigar importer). I think the potential fallout of being caught selling suspicious cigars would be immense - not to mention the fact that suspicious sticks are rarely accounted for with the tax man, which would have severe repercussions itself were any dodgy dealings to be uncovered.

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        I agree, JJs, 1a and all the others are as safe a bet as there is and I would never be concerned by shopping at any of them

        The H&F page has a 'Where to Buy' - that is a good port of call if you're unsure: