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Buying Cuban cigars

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  • Buying Cuban cigars

    I'm still a novice as regards Cuban cigars perhaps someone can answer my query, I have only ever bought singles up to a maximum of 6 of any one type in the past so I thought I'd push the boat out and buy boxes of ten to start a decent humidor collection for next year. I was under the impression that I'd be buying the latest crop of tobacco but on looking at the dates on the back of the boxes two were 2020 one was 2019 and this mornings post brought a 2017 dated box, is this usual or did I just get lucky.

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    It's all a bit random. These days it's most common to get cigars from say the last 18-24 months. Apparently there's a bit of a shortage these days so the depth may not be there so you'll be seeing more fresh stock than not. The 2017 is less likely these days from any busy retailer. So yeah you got lucky there.

    So totally normal. Looking forward to seeing the collection develop!

    I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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      It depends where you buy from and generally busier the retailer the newer the boxes. There’s not a lot of 2021 boxes around though so most new will be 2020.

      You did well to get a 2017 box but it’s definitely not very uncommon especially with less common smokes

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        It was actually a box of hoyo de Monterrey epicure especials


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          I'm taking the advice of a previous poster who said 'smoke fewer cigars but make the ones you do smoke better quality'


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            Originally posted by Moose View Post
            It was actually a box of hoyo de Monterrey epicure especials
            A 2017 box of those, or any box for that matter, is a really good find.


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              If buying in this country it can happen with certain retailers. I've recently enquired about a certain box that turned out to be an '09, although that is becoming a rarity these days. All depends on how much they sell. There used to be a lot of retailers that had aged stock available years ago. I still kick myself when I think about the boxes I passed on back then.


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                4 year old Hoyo’s will smoke a dream, great choice and even better luck