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    I've had 3 different variations of Inka's now 1 was OK/decent (blue fat one cant remember the name) 1 was not very good (a different blue fat one) and 1 (the rojo red cristales) was really nice.

    I still have 4 of the rojo reds in the humi.


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      I bought a few just before Xmas and wanted to try something cheap and cheerful

      So I bought

      Petit Corona

      Bombaso Munduro

      I only enjoyed the red Cristales and Petit Corono and the blue Cristales.

      Otherwise I didn't really enjoyed the others and i found they where very loosely constructed.

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        So I'll be one of those who enjoyed the Inca secret blend specifically the Red Robusto and Red Half Corona. I may have got lucky but I've found them to be great budget alternatives to a mild flavourful slightly sweet Cuban.

        But Cigars are like but holes and opinions everyone has one. I know a lot of people who love Nicaraguan and on the whole I find Nicaraguan far too earthy with a few exceptions of which I have reviewed on here.

        I went through a New World exploration trying to find something that would be a good match for my Cuban pallette of Romeyo and Trinidad, however on NW discovery Drew Estate is a favourite but its a category all to itself they are unique and superb and spot on when that mood hits.

        As I like a sweeter creamer smoke it's not a surprise I like Drew as it turns those things up with added aromatics to 10.

        Back to Inca secret belnd then tend to be the closest to Romeyo and Trinidad the difference being yes construction can be an issue but luckily I've not had that experience so yes. I enjoy Incas
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