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Drew Estates 4 x 32 tin collection

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  • Drew Estates 4 x 32 tin collection

    For the fans of drew estates. They are expanding their tin range to include most of their offerings in a quick smoke!! excited for these as i think they could make brilliant little winter smokes or something to take down the pub. Besides, the tins look really cool! I just hope they get them over to the uk in time for the frost.

    They will include (not exhaustive):
    Undercrown sun grown
    Liga pravada
    Kentucky fired
    joya red and black

    The acid range
    even a new deadwood 'baby' jane

    little article here:

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    I love tins of small cigars so will definitely be looking for the Baby Janes and Joya Reds
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      The Undercrown and Baby Jane tins look cool.


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        Baby Jane's are a must have I think as are the udercrown shade grown. I think they could be onto something with these as its really going to refresh that side of things so to speak..they are released in September but in America..see what happens a bit closer to the time I guess


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          Tins of littluns have been around for a long time in the NC market, I have quite a few. Drew Estate do one called Papas Fritas which come in a very smart little tin and they're quite punchy. The Cubans have a few tins coming out this year following the RyJ one that came out a few years ago. I'm looking out for the Partagas tins. Keep working on that post count and a group buy may be in order later in the year. PS Camacho do tins of Machitos in three varieties too.
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            Camacho's are great for on the fly Iv got 1 criollo left at the moment I must get another box in.didnt know about the Cubans I'll have a gander at them.alot of manufactures clearly seeing the demand.could be some great things to come in the tinny market then ��


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              Joya red all the way

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                Out of interest are these type of sticks hand rolled and long filler or are they machine rolled?

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                  i cant find much info but they will be long filler and assume they are machine made