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No dates on boxes

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  • No dates on boxes

    Having recently bought my first boxes i was wondering why they don't have dates on the bottom like cc's do. Is there a way of finding out the dates they were boxed up? bough oliva, nub, joy de nicaragua rosalones and rosalones reserva.

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    No there is nothing on 99% of ncs to identify date. Yellowing of the cellophane is a telltale sign of age though.

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      Padrons and AF (at least Opus) have I believe [emoji41]

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        Opus not generally but they have a number that relates to how many years after the line was started that you can work out.
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          I always write the date of purchase on the base of the box in pencil as a starting point.
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            thanks guys, i did wonder. I think they should as if anything they definitely mellow a bit with some age, and can be handy if its a spicy number like a serie g. I will make sure i write my purchase date on the box when i receive.


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