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End of a legend

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  • End of a legend

    According to a recent article in Cigar Aficianado Nat Shermans has been acquired by a tobacco company who are only interested in their cigarettes and their cigars will disappear the way of Dunhill. Even worse they plan to close the Fifth Avenue shop which is a piece of New York history, Churchill went here, in fact he fell over outside the door. This bad news inspired me to dig out a Timeless Divino today, three years has really benefitted these sticks which are now smooth and delicious where once they were a little harsh.

    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'

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    I’ve always wanted to try a Nat Sherman, but never been able to get hold of any - seems that task will be even harder now 🤔

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      Criminal, you’d have thought there would have been some contract in place to ensure the survival of the cigar business but it seems not and therefore the logical conclusion is that it’s a pure money-spinning transaction. The colour of money often clouds heritage and tradition unfortunately.

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