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  • Inka secret blend a fan

    So I know we've had a topic before from those who didn't enjoy these Peruvian Cigars. However as many of you will know I adore the Inkas specifically the red long filler with the half corona being a particular favourite.

    I'll also preface this by saying we all know Cigars are subjective and what suits one will not necessarily suit another, so this post is not designed to attack or belittle those who just jive with the Peruvian sticks gents and ladies it's fine not too like them.

    But this post is for the fans of this Cigars that frankly I feel punch above their weight and price point massively.

    They are easily some of my fav sticks and I consider them a great way to enjoy a sweet garden hay smoke that has at times a very Cuban vibe to them. Agian for their price point that is absolutely spectacular IMO.

    Since I know the chap who is responsible for the Inkas is on here and I apologise for not remembering the name off the top of my head that is bad form on my part.

    I will say the only thing I think thats missing form the range is a lovely Churchill size, but I'm not about to tell you what works and doesn't that is just me agian it's a subjective experience.

    But I just wanted to express my love and gratitude for these cigars agian love the Red Long filler Half Coronas, that are premium at a very affordable prove also the Maduro Bombasso great stuff. So anyone else really appreciate the Inka Secret Blend?

    Please share all the best everyone

    I never smoke to excess - that is, I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.- Mark Twain

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    I've been through a good few red and blue Petite Coronas. And do prefer the red. For sure they are affordable compared to others. And flavours nice and rich enough. Not overly spicy. They used to sell out a fair bit so must be popular!

    I'm sure Mitchell smokeymo will be happy to hear your feedback!

    All the best!
    I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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      The Inca red used to be a regular feature in my humidor. Never had a problem with them and they make for a very tasty smoke. Haven't had one in while as I haven't ordered from Cgars recently, but when I do, these will be in there 👍🏻