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  • Bahamas

    Afternoon all!

    So a friend has very kindly brought back 4 cigars from a trip to Nassau - they are Robusto sized, dark wrappers with a pigtail and no bands.

    I am told he got them from a friend on the island and they are quite dry so I have put them in a lock n store with a Boveda pack to try and add a little moisture. One is a little ripped on both ends - but 3 appear in good condition.

    My question is - has anyone tried any cigars from the Bahamas before? They do appear a little rustic - maybe rolled to order or even part of a bigger selection.

    I suppose I just need to wait and see what they are like..


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    There’s only one way to find out what they are like


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      I think you may be right! I have found a Graycliff cigars from research on interweb - but cannot find a vitola which totally matches.. so who knows.. may be gold or may be grim.. we shall see!