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Polish condor flake

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  • Polish condor flake

    I've been slowly working my way through a sample of the new Polish-made Condor Long Cut, graciously sent to me by @MLC. I feel that I have had enough now to make a statement...

    While the nose of this tobacco is unmistakably Condor, it seems rather...distant, like someone opened the pouch across the room, and I am only picking it up faintly. The nose lacks the tangyness that Condor is famous for--that Condor moment. In appearance the flakes only vaguely resemble Condor. The flakes are not as clean in appearance--they are a bit rough around the edges, and not as leathery as Condor. The tobacco has that Condor flavor, but that flavor is tastes a bit like a knock-off, or a diet/light/lite version of Condor...(somewhat) same great taste, with half the calories. Towards the end of the bowl the tobacco gets a bit harsh, especially if you come back to it after a while. In the end, this blend is definitely Condor...but not in fighting form...Condor with a head cold. That said, if I could buy this locally at, say, $8-$10 a pouch, it would be my primary tobacco...

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    Intriguing... is it ‘actual’ Condor, is it official Condor for the Polish market or is it a Polish knock off?

    i know for example there are different recipes for cadburys chocolate and guiness for different markets around the world... and everything with a decent brand gets forged everywhere too!
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      All the condor tobaccos are now made in Poland
      and exported all around Europe apparently it's not as dark as it use to be the aroma is not as floral
      and the actual flakes are not as neatly cut bit rough round the edges